Barbara Stagno


Barbara Stagno
Director, Responsible Research Campaign

For more than a decade Barbara Stagno, Director of IDA’s Responsible Research Campaign, has worked to expose and oppose the use of animals in experiments.
Barbara’s passion for animals started at a very young age and has been with her ever since. Her goal is to open people’s eyes and minds to the reality of what animals experience and to inspire people to change.
Barbara has coordinated numerous campaigns to protest animal abuse in university experiments, successfully ending cocaine experiments on monkeys at NYU and cat brain research at Rockefeller University. She also organized meetings with Iams company representatives to protest the use of cats and dogs to test food products. In the arena of government she spearheaded a national action campaign to protest animal testing carried out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and participated with a coalition of international animal protection groups to serve a formal petition to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to require the use of non-animal methods.

Additionally, Barbara helped pass legislation banning circuses and rodeos in Greenburgh, New York and has worked extensively to oppose the killing of deer and Canada geese. She lives in New York with her cats Acorn, Star, Kevin and Georgie.