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Doll Stanley


Doll Stanley
Director, Hope Animal Sanctuary

Doll is the Director of IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) in Grenada, Mississippi where 400-600 animals are rescued each year. She works with local sheriffs, judges, community leaders, veterinarians and veterinary students from Mississippi State University to investigate and file animal cruelty cases, provide spay/neuter and other veterinary care and find adoptive homes or provide sanctuary for abused and neglected animals.
Doll became an activist in 1983 as the result of a “Mobilization for Animals” rally featuring Bob Barker and Jamie Lee Curtis. She went home a vegetarian that day and immediately began connecting with anyone interested in helping animals. At that time she was heavily involved with friends participating in rodeos and was distressed with the treatment of cows and steers, as well as the premise that the activity was wholesome and depicted true ranching practices. Soon Doll was writing letters and organizing vigils and demonstrations. She met Dr. Elliot Katz at the very first meeting of In Defense of Animals and has been an active team member ever since.
Doll has been involved in nearly every aspect of animal protection, including undercover work. In the 80s she was known for her bold activism and leadership, organizing campaigns and direct actions at rodeos, circuses, anti-fur events, and hunts.  Her 3-day fasts in restraint devices protesting animal experimentation on UC campuses gained international attention. She entered the arena of disaster relief in the aftermath of the Bay Area firestorm that engulfed the hills of Oakland and Berkeley in 1990.

Despite being subjected to physical violence and death threats, Doll has documented and ended some of the most brutal animal abuse cases imaginable, rescuing thousands of animals from starvation, beatings, disease and death. Her 1993 mission to shut down two USDA class B animal dealers in Mississippi led to the founding of IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary.  HAS has shut down puppy mills, pet shop suppliers, exotic animal hoarders and dog fighting rings in addition to rescuing countless animals from neglect and suffering in backyards, barns and pastures.

Doll believes that every time you stand up, speak out or bring attention to issues of injustice, oppression and cruelty, you are fulfilling your duty. Failure to act for justice is complicity. There aren’t villains in every closet, but apathy and self-preservation till fertile soil for violence and suffering.