Mike Winikoff


Mike Winikoff
Senior Writer/ Editor

Mike Winikoff, IDA’s Senior Writer/Editor, produces IDA’s E-news and alerts and contributes his skills throughout IDA’s communications.

In 1974, at the age of 13, Mike reached the conclusion that eating animals was wrong. That very rapidly led to an examination of other forms of animal exploitation, and the conclusion that they, too, were wrong. By the time he went to college in 1979 he was an animal rights activist.

Mike holds a law degree and masters degree from American University in Washington DC, and a bachelors degree from Union College in Schenectady, New York. Mike has 24 years professional experience in animal rights, including as Writer of The Genesis Awards, Director of Programs for The Ark Trust, Executive Director of an animal shelter and host of an animal rights radio talk show. Mike has also conducted undercover investigations for PETA, HSUS, and The Ark Trust on canned hunts, captive elephants, fur farms, laboratories, and greyhound racing.