Nicole Meyer


Nicole Meyer,
Director of IDA’s Wild & Free – Elephant and Horse Protection Campaigns

Nicole strives to protect elephants and other exotics animals in zoos and circuses, and wild horses and burros under threat of removal from their natural habitats.

Always fascinated with elephants, Nicole started her journey into elephant welfare when she encountered Tina, a long-suffering elephant who languished in a roadside zoo. Nicole launched a campaign to retire Tina to a sanctuary, which proved successful in record time. Nicole went on to become the elephant specialist for PETA, and later, volunteered behind the scenes on numerous elephant welfare campaigns both nationally and internationally.

In addition to animal protection, Nicole harbors a passion for travel and spent many years exploring countries and continents including Africa, India, China, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and Europe. In the course of these travels, Nicole gained valuable insight into international animal welfare issues, fueling her interest on the challenges wild and captive animals face in different cultures and conditions.

Nicole also brings a diverse skill set to IDA, having worked at major companies as a writer, technical editor, and producer in broadcast news. Nicole feels fortunate to have the opportunity to devote her life to helping animals and finds this to be an intensely rewarding career.