Rita L.R. Anderson


Rita L.R. Anderson
Director of Research and Investigations – Free The Dogs Campaign

Rita Anderson has worked with IDA since 2000. She has been committed to saving the lives of many animals and has an impressive history of activism and successful results.

Rita began her career with IDA after she became the first person in the country to lead a successful campaign to persuade city officials in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado to adopt the term guardian instead of “owner” in their local laws.

Over the years, she has had numerous animal rights successes, including anti-vivisection campaigns. After a 2½ year battle over cruel and needless maternal separation experiments, she convinced the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (CU) to release eleven monkeys from their laboratories and send them to a sanctuary. The researcher who was involved is now conducting studies with only human subjects. Rita was also responsible for ending an agreement CU had entered into with a private medical device company that had resulted in the killing of over 200 dogs and pigs just to train the company’s sales staff.

Rita worked tirelessly for months to save fifteen horses from years of abuse and neglect by rescuing them and finding homes for them in Arizona. The former “owner” of the horses is currently on the run from the Boulder sheriff.

She worked with local colleagues and officials in Boulder to end the killing of healthy deer by the Colorado Division of Wildlife in their bogus campaign to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease.

After a pit bull ban was put into force in Denver, Rita saved many dogs from a certain death by helping them get to safe havens out of the city. She also worked to obtain the release of pit bulls who had been confiscated by local officials simply because they had certain physical characteristics. The newspapers dubbed her the head of the “Underground Pit Bull Highway”.

Rita is now working alongside Zahava Katz-Perlish to free all dogs from laboratories funded with taxpayer dollars by the National Institutes of Health. In addition, Rita works locally to stop violence and cruelty toward animals in Boulder, Colorado.