Robin Dorman


Robin Dorman
Director of IDA’s International Animal Protection Campaign

Robin’s passion for other species was transfigured into being by her maternal grandfather, Charlie, who, when walking down the street, inspired arias of love from the neighborhood dogs and cats. When she was eight, she made her first monetary contribution to Cleveland Amory’s Animal Fund, sponsoring a whale called Cyrus, whom she always thought about when reading the sublime Moby Dick, where she saw the whale’s view of things, and felt the magnitude of the great white being in Melville’s voice, his lofty language.

The more Robin learned about individual animal lives and the often-terrible algebra of their fate, she knew that the field of animal protection was in her future. Even as a young girl, she possessed a metabolic intolerance for, and moral outrage over, the vast sweep of the entire system of animal use and abuse—a devastating indictment of a world habituated to the mistreatment of other species.

Since taking over IDA’s Anti-Dog and Cat Meat Campaign, Robin is working in concert with fellow activists to secure a permanent ban on dog and cat meat in South Korea, as well as looking at other countries, where dog and cat meat is consumed, through investigations, education, rescue, public campaigns that deconstruct the notion that there are two types of dogs—meat dogs for eating and “pet” dogs for companions, film, and legal action. All of the individuals IDA rescued from South Korea’s dog and cat meat trade bear witness to the millions whose lives have been lost.

Robin has also been an editor and writer for IDA’s Guardians’ International as well as part of the anti-vivisection team.