Sudnya Patkar


Sudnya Patkar
Founder, IDA-India

Sudnya Patkar founded of IDA-India in 1997 where she works to alleviate the suffering of animals through educational outreach, spaying and neutering thousands of street dogs, rescuing abused animals and campaigning for animal rights.

As a child Sudnya loved her dog and cat companions dearly though her motivation to campaign for animal rights developed later when she observed municipal authorities cruelly handling a stray dog. Upon further enquiry Sudnya found out that the dog would eventually be electrocuted to death. This incident left a deep impact on her as she realized that her country does not treat even its most dangerous criminals this way. Moved by Sudnya’s deep concern, her husband and children coaxed her to start an initiative to create awareness for animal rights.

Charged by the thought, Sudnya registered In Defense of Animals (IDA) as a non-profit grassroots animal protection organization in 1997. Sudnya noticed a change in people’s attitude towards animals when they started showing up for her awareness camps. With the help of a few more animal lovers, she began to sterilize dogs and treat them for minor and major injuries. Today IDA-India has a rescue van, nine ambulances, two large shelters and fifty-eight employees including helpers, animal welfare officers and veterinarians.

Sudnya’s feelings for her four-legged friends run deep and she grieves the death of every animal for a long time. Although she acknowledges that people’s approach towards animals is gradually changing, she believes we need to develop more compassion.