Zahava Katz-Perlish


Zahava Katz-Perlish
Director of Scientific Research – Free The Dogs Campaign

For twenty years Zahava worked in numerous positions at Abbott Laboratories. As a scientist, she worked on a variety of projects that included the development of a Digoxin immunoassay for the AxSYM blood analyzer. As a project manager, she coordinated blood analyzer software projects for clinical studies and market launches. She was team leader, and as a regulatory specialist she was responsible for gaining FDA and international regulatory agencies’ approvals of blood analyzer products.

She has volunteered for many years at multiple animal rights and welfare organizations, including IDA, in greatly varied and beneficial roles.

As an IDA volunteer she worked on several anti-vivisection projects, and participated in the review of the Mandatory Alternatives Petition (MAP) to the FDA. Because of her exemplary contributions to these projects, as well as her valued knowledge, she was hired by IDA to work on anti-vivisection campaigns.

She has a Master of Science degree in Agriculture from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Zahava is currently working with her fellow director, Rita Anderson, on the Free The Dogs campaign. The campaign’s objective is to eliminate the use of dogs in biomedical research funded by the National Institutes of Health, through outreach, education and policy change.