"In Defense of Animals has set the standard for integrity and results in animal advocacy. In a world in which too many look away, IDA has been on the cutting edge of front-line activism to end abuse and exploitation. No organization has done more to uphold the principles of justice for our animal friends."

Jeffrey Masson

Author, When Elephants Weep

"When IDA picks a target, they go after it. Whether it's saving seals from slaughter in South Africa or rescuing stolen greyhounds from torture in medical laboratories or stopping the killing of thousands of animals by Procter & Gamble, IDA has been on the front lines of the fight to end animal exploitation."

Peggy McCay

Actress and three-time Emmy Nominee

"I thank my stars that Dr. Katz and In Defense of Animals are around to speak for the voiceless, defend the innocent and further justice in this world."

Murry Cohen, M.D.,

Former Director, Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic, Lenox Hospital
New York, NY

"Congratulations Elliot Katz, and all of the wonderful IDA team. Congratulations on the long years of hard work that have led to the closing of the infamous Coulston labs and the liberation of the chimpanzees and monkeys who have suffered so horribly."

Human history is full of inspiring stores of those who achieved the impossible. Those of us who believe in the intrinsic worth of each chimpanzee, each monkey, can take heart as we celebrate the inspiring victory of IDA.

With warmest congratulations to you all,"

Dr. Jane Goodall 

World-renowned primatologist, conservationist and animal ambassador

"Dear Elliot,
Thank you for your Christmas message. It is especially meaningful when it comes from someone who does so much to change the way people think about/treat animals. Together we can, must, WILL make a difference. Love,"

Dr. Jane Goodall 

World-renowned primatologist, conservationist and animal ambassador

"Dear Pat [Haight],
As Governor of Arizona, I am privileged to experience first-hand the generosity and community spirit of our citizens. I am especially grateful to you for responding to the needs of our community during the recent forest fires.

Your support and assistance to both firefighters and residents facing the loss of everything played a key role in our ability to fight the fire and cope with the needs of everyone.

On behalf of the citizens in Arizona, please accept certificate of recognition with my warmest appreciation."

Yours very truly,"

Janet Napolitano

Governor of Arizona

"It has been wonderful working with [IDA], and together we are an awesome partnership! It's nice to know we can work together to help the animals. Many thanks and best wishes."

Cindy Machado

The Marin Humane Society
Novato, CA