IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary Update

March 14th, 2012 by Doll Stanley


Quigley was rescued and taken to Veterinary Associates, the vets who help IDA-HAS. He was so adorable no one could believe he wouldn’t be sought by his guardians. In January he was neutered and the search was on for his new home. 

Long time friends and supporters, Gay & Larry Evaldi had first adopted Daisy from us. Ace, Blue, and Algernon followed. Each one had issues. Daisy had been repeatedly shot with a pellet gun by a man who was trying to chase her from the Calhoun City neighborhood she’d been “dropped off in”. Ace had been in at least four trial homes as he had issues with being pushed. He was accused of being aggressive. Ace simply wanted you to ask him nicely to do something. A push, shove, or similar form of force was met with light, but clear reaction – “Push and I’ll defend myself”.

I rescued little Blue from certain hell at Ripley’s 1st Monday, trade & sell day. I was checking out the people gravitating to the Class B animal dealer I was investigating. As I took note of sellers, vehicles, and animals I spotted a small cage on top of a pile of “stuff to sell”. I could see the tiny eyes of a pup who was clearly trying to be invisible – crouched and shivering in the back of the small crate he was stashed in. 

I approached the seller asking what was in the small crate. He responded that it was a pup he was selling. I said I’d take him off his hands. “$5 bucks.” Five dollars was all that stood between this tiny soul and the “serum truck” (what we called trucks with animals bound for labs). Enough said, Blue lived a life free of suffering, adored by his guardians. Blue died recently. Larry has been heartsick.

Algernon was abandoned at a vet clinic because his guardian was unable, or unwilling to afford him surgery for a liver shunt. Gay found out about him and his surgery was followed by a life of pampering.

In the summer Gay and Larry visited us and took our Nicolina home. She’s now Blossom. With Nicolina alone and Larry missing his Blue so badly it was time to adopt. 

Quigley was who I had in mind. An exchange of photos and it was a certainty; the only snag was getting Quigley to Ocala. Larry & Gay moved to Ocala, FL five years ago to be near family.

I put the word out that Quigley needed a ride. I was flying to FL, but the airlines didn’t fly dogs and we try to avoid flying animals. Within days Beverly Brewster responded. A few days of intense routing and connecting and Rob set out with Quigley and delivered him to the person driving the leg from Columbus, MS. The Evaldis and I met Beverly in Georgia and brought Quigley home. When I flew back Monday Quigley had totally settled in.