ARCH Gains Momentum in Haiti

February 12th, 2010 by Webmaster


Helping build a healthier future for Haiti's animals

Helping build a healthier future for Haiti's animals

The ARCH team continues to treat animals as part of the relief phase. Despite initial thoughts that there would be low numbers of animals to treat, the team has been very busy everyday. Over the weekend, many animals were treated and cared for in the earthquake zone. The team also travelled out to many rural areas, outside of Port-au-Prince, where they treated more animals such as goats, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats over the weekend. So far, over 400 dogs and cats and 1500 livestock – mainly cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chicken, horses and donkeys were treated for their injuries and ailments.

IDA’s Connie Durkee had to return home after 10 days of rescue work in Haiti and sent one last reflection on her time there:

It has been quite an experience. Something I’ll never forget. When I responded to help after Hurricane Katrina, I had no idea what to expect and that experience changed my life. Being in Haiti has done the same. The devastation and the pain and suffering that goes on after a disaster is extremely sad. But, I’ve been fortunate enough to be one of the people on the ground who can physically go to help.

The challenges I went through being on the ground in Haiti – for example, no electricity, the language barrier, no running water – are nothing compared to what the people and animals of Haiti are going through now and even before the earthquake. My heart hurts for them.

I think that as time goes by and things get more organized on the ground in Haiti, we’ll be able to accomplish more and more each day. I was honored to go and would be honored to return if needed. I want to help in any way I can.

The ARCH team is sending in further reinforcements of disaster responders, animal supplies and medicines to help the animal disaster relief teams on the ground. A Memo of Understanding has been put together on behalf of the ARCH coalition to work with the Haitian government to help animals both in the initial phase of disaster relief and for long term disaster recovery.

To see photos from Connie’s Journey visit our Facebook Photo Album.

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