Ask Your Local Firefighters to Help Save Squirrels!

February 9th, 2013 by Christy Griffin


The Holley Fire Department in upstate New York will hold its annual “Squirrel Slam” on February 16, a wildlife killing contest where children as young as 14 are encouraged to massacre defenseless red and grey squirrels for money and guns. The grand prize is awarded to the killer of the heaviest dead squirrel, most likely a pregnant female or recent mother, leaving her nest of babies to starve to death.

Firefighters are heroes who protect people, animals and property. They take an oath to serve with “compassion, courage, and integrity.” Children look up to firefighters as role models who have compassion towards all beings in danger. They have a huge impact on shaping children’s thinking and behavior. The Holley Fire Department is violating this important responsibility, tarnishing the image of all firefighters nationwide. 

Tens of thousands of people have written letters and e-mails, signed online petitions and made calls to the Holley Fire Department demanding that they put an end to this egregiously cruel event. The president of the Greater Rochester Humane Society sent them a letter expressing her shock and dismay over this inhumane “fundraiser.”

Please click here to download a letter that you can take to your local Fire Department. Please join with us in asking the Holley Fire Department to display some true compassion, courage and integrity by canceling the “Squirrel Slam” for good. Please ask your local Fire Chief to sign and return this letter to In Defense of Animals by February 13.