So Hard to Say Goodbye

by Doll Stanley

IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary has been rescuing animals in need for 20 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands of animals. Most of these animals are with us for a short time before being re-homed, but some become beloved longtime residents. I’d like to share the stories of two of these longtime friends that have […]


Justice Served

by Doll Stanley

On May 10, 2012 , Hope Animal Sanctuary (IDA-HAS) received an urgent report that three starving dogs were tethered at the residence of Shana Sutton and Lavelle Mays. Montgomery County Deputy, Jodi Windham, accompanied me to the residence and confirmed and documented the extreme starvation of the dogs.  A seizure order for the dogs was […]


Hard Work Pays Off Again

by Doll Stanley

Over the past few months, we at Hope Animal Sanctuary have rescued numerous dogs from neglect, abandonment, hoarding and cruelty. The work of healing, vetting, and gaining the trust of many of these dogs was a day-by-day act of devotion on the part of our staff, fellow rescuers and our foster homes. The work has […]


A Marvel of Achievement

by Doll Stanley

Hope Animal Sanctuary Director Doll Stanley, along with volunteer Lisa Martin and staff member Lainey Mansour, left IDA’s sanctuary in Mississippi on April 23 with 108 dogs and two kittens. This is the larger of two transports scheduled for the next week to Every Creature Counts in Colorado. This transport is mostly small dogs and […]


A Day At Hope Animal Sanctuary

by Doll Stanley

Have you ever been so in the thick of things that the stress and emotions just silence you? You’re not depressed, but your likely maxed out. That’s probably what’s going on here. At Hope Animal Sanctuary our team begins each morning with a bit of time together and with a plan for the day we […]


Sadie The Precious Pig

by Doll Stanley

Sad news from Doll at IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary: We got our little Sadie last Thursday. She had been found wandering. She was 4 – 5 months old and seemed to be the picture of health. Of course we’d fallen in love with her.  Evening before last she fell into seizure and was rushed to […]


Justice for Wanda

by Doll Stanley

Precious Wanda and her sister were barricaded in the kitchen of their home and abandoned. A neighbor responded to the putrid smell emitted from the house and a sighting of Wanda trying to get out of the kitchen window. He broke into the house and discovered Wanda, starved, dehydrated, and forced to consume her dead […]


Petal And Penelope

by Doll Stanley

Last month, Petal and Penelope were rescued from a terrible situation of neglect in Coffeeville, Mississippi. Their siblings, seen in the photo of their rescue (the girls are on right in BJ’s arms) were just babies. Because we had so many puppies, our friends with the Mississippi State University student program “Homeward Bound” accepted three […]