Demand Sanctuary Now!

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161 Rabbits Confiscated and Condemned to Die in Alabama Over 200 neglected and malnourished rabbits and other animals were seized on January 29 in Lauderdale County, Alabama as a result of a cruelty complaint. While this should be good news, and was for the animals of other species that were seized, the rabbits’ situation became […]


Live Baiting is a Real Life Nightmare

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  Recent events have thrown the Australian greyhound racing industry under the spotlight once again, except this time the light is far dimmer than before. Thanks to work by Australian animal rights organizations and an exposé by ABC TV’s Four Corners, the inhumane practice of live baiting, where piglets, rabbits, and opossums are pulled by […]


IDA’s Animal Activist Helpline

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  IDA’s Animal Activist Helpline – Volunteers Needed Position 1: Animal Activist Mentor In April 2015, In Defense of Animals (IDA) launched the Animal Activist Mentor Line, offering guidance and self-help resources for animal activists. IDA volunteers and staff currently operate the Mentor Line remotely. Our goal is to help animal activists gain clarity on […]


Welcome Gnala

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Just before Christmas, IDA-Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon, Africa welcomed a new baby orphan. Gnala, pronounced “Nya-la,” is just a little more than a year old. She was surrendered to IDA-Africa staff in a town a few hours from the Center. An affluent man in the town initiated contact with IDA-Africa for the […]


Pups Rescued From a Ditch

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On November 11, 2014, our staff at Hope Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi was notified about a Facebook post concerning 14 puppies living in a ditch. The person posting was asking for immediate help. Sadly, she did not know the exact location of the puppies and with temperatures predicted to be in the low 20′s that […]


Go Vegan for the Holidays!

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Inspire Others with Your Vegan Story! IDA invites you to encourage others to take the vegan challenge in 2015 by sharing your vegan story, a campaign initiated by Australia’s Animal Liberation Victoria that has spread internationally. The goal is to unite animal advocacy organizations worldwide in this vegan outreach effort. Your story can be brief, […]


Zimbabwe Abducts Baby Elephants

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We Can Still Help Them According to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, Hwange National Park visitors witnessed the capture of baby elephants by government helicopters and ground teams. Baby elephants were roped together after being separated from their mothers by firing shots above the herd. Thirty-four terrified baby elephants, seven lion cubs, and 10 rare […]


Mexican Government Votes to Ban Circus Animals

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In a historic vote which marks a significant step toward preventing exploitation of animals, Mexico’s congress passed legislation to ban the use of animals in circus performances across the country – joining a small, but growing list of nations which have already outlawed the controversial practice. It calls for fines for violations and requires circuses […]