Our New Look!

Our New Look!

Our New Look for 2017!

Three years in the making, with many hearts and hands to guide it, your new In Defense of Animals logo and website is here at last. We hope you are as proud as we are to call it your own.

You’ll see familiar, new, and beloved faces... the strong and victorious elephant, symbolizing respect for our history over three decades because of you ... the intuitive and intelligent In Defense of Animals primate, for the forward-thinking and cohesive work you make real. The steadfast dog, for trust and companionship. And the iconic dolphin, for the marine-dwelling animals you help us advocate for. Last but not least – not traditionally depicted in groups of animals – stands the human. Not above the animals, not below them, but beside them on the same level, caring for one another as interconnected parts of the same globe, the same world.

All turn their faces towards a rainbow – international symbol of peace, hope, unity and inclusivity – and to a better future for all animals, a brave horizon towards which In Defense of Animals works every day thanks to the support of members like you.

Please join us in embracing the new logo as a symbol of your hope for and commitment to a new era for animals, a renewed resolve, and a positive and progressive In Defense of Animals. Thank you!

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