Easter Chickens on Death Row!

Easter Chickens on Death Row!

You may not know about the horrible conditions endured by factory farmed chickens, and about how sadly different it is from the lives that people like you and me envision them living.
This is because factory farmed chickens, and in fact all “farmed” animals, are specifically excluded from the federal Animal Welfare Act. Birds, including chicks and chickens, are also excluded from the federal Humane Slaughter Act. All of which means that; none of the cruel and horrific treatment that chickens endure is presently illegal.

Not the overcrowding. Not the rampant use of antibiotics. Not the genetic modifications that distort their bodies. Not even the awful way dead chickens are made into feed for the living ones.

With your generous gift to fund the Easter chicken rescue and factory farm exposé now, you will help open the coop doors on the exploitation of chickens and lack of laws protecting them.
Chickens inside factory farms are fed a diet containing antibiotics to promote rapid growth. In less than 50 days from the time she is born, a female hen’s bones will often break beneath her own weight.
By that time her breast – valued only for the quantity of its white meat and not the gentle animal inside – will be so massive, she will no longer be able to walk to the water bowl.

Left in her own urine and feces and the bodily waste produced by up to 60,000 other chickens in the warehouse, her skin will blister and burn until the day she is brought to slaughter. Shackled upside down, her head is then passed through electrified water meant to stun her before her throat is slit.

Nature NEVER intended chickens to live this way! Most people have no idea it’s happening.
That’s why in the weeks leading up to the Easter holiday, when there is a relentless marketing focus on eggs and chicks, we are calling on your urgent help to end this chicken coop crisis.

Time is of the essence! Every chick born at a factory farm today will begin to suffer skeletal collapse in around 50 days. Heartbreaking as that is, you WILL make a difference.

Give now to bring even a few chicks out of the carnage, and you will carry them to freedom while documenting their lives to show how unnatural and abusive factory farming has become.
Help launch the rescue that inspires thousands to consider alternative, truly kind forms of lean and healthy non-animal protein this Easter and all year. Please give.