Council of Sustainable Activism – Resources

CoSA offers tools for empowerment, healing, and finding inner-peace. We are building a strong support network for activists nationwide in collaboration with the organizations listed below. Please contact us at to join our network. – Dr. Melanie Joy, author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, formed the Carnism Action and Awareness Network (CAAN) to help activists deal with trauma, stress, and burnout.

In Defense of – Judy Carman, MA, and Dr. Will and Madeleine Tuttle facilitate the Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals. – Bob Isaacson, David Blatte, Kim Sturla, and Patti Breitman promote Buddhism as a practice to end suffering for all beings. (coming soon)- a coalition of faith leaders and activists who advocate and take action on behalf of animals who are exploited, abused, tortured and slaughtered for food, research, fashion and entertainment ( – Family Spirals™ attends to the wounds and vigor stemming from family relationships. One division, Families with Animals, hosts ( – The Lifelong Activist author Hillary Rettig offers helpful tools to be more productive and overcome internal barriers to success in activism. – inspiration and prayers from Judy Carman’s books, Peace to All Beings and The Missing Peace (with Tina Volpe), and prayer flags for animals. Share prayers for individual animals or groups of animals on – provides support for front line animal advocates. – explores veganism as a spiritual practice through annual retreats and monthly local gatherings with vegan potlucks, healing discussions, and rituals. – offers VegInspiration For The Day, including daily inspirational writings by Will Tuttle and prayers from Judy’s book Peace to All Beings. – based on Will Tuttle’s World Peace Diet. Sign up to become a certified facilitator.

COSA Workshops, Retreats & Services:

Nonviolent Communication for Animal Advocates with Tera Gardner
Sustainable Vegan Activism with Hillary Rettig
Mindfulness & Self Care with Suzanne McAllister
Healing Front Line Activists with Deborah Brister
Restoring Our Movement with Dr. Marilyn Kroplick
Vegan Spirituality Retreats with Lisa Levinson & Judy Carman
Support Hotlines for Animal Activists & Slaughterhouse Workers