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Council of Sustainable Activism – Upcoming Events

Vegan Spirituality Meetups happen monthly in Los Angeles, CA, Jackson, NJ, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Olympia, WA, Davenport, IA, and Vancouver, BC. Gatherings include vegan potlucks, group discussions, speaker presentations, and guided meditations. Visit for more information. Contact to start one in your area.

Captain Cook, HI VSG

In Defense of Animals

Davenport, IA VSG

Los Angeles, CA VSG

Jackson, NJ VSG

New York, NY VSG

Olympia, WA VSG

Philadelphia, PA VSG

Vancouver, BC VSG

October 11th, 2014: Vegan Spirituality Retreat in Philadelphia, PA sponsored by IDA featuring yoga, meditation, nature walks, vegan food, speaker presentations, group discussions, music, dance, and community rituals. Click here to register.