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Monthly Vegan Spirituality Conference Calls
Starting: January 25 (Spanish), February 8 (English)
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Saturday, February 7
Sustainable Activism Workshop on Nonviolent Communication

Dave photoIf you are a vegan or animal rights activist struggling with burn out, frustration of living in a non-vegan world that does not support your values for compassion, self blame, or with finding ways to influence others effectively, In Defense of Animals invites you to join us for this Sustainable Activism Workshop on Nonviolent Communication where you will learn:

  • Five life changing concepts and techniques that will allow you to have a bigger impact with less burn out
  • Transformational tools that will enable you to better cope with living in a non-vegan world
  • A system that will help you to influence others more effectively without sounding “preachy”

Date: Saturday, February 7th
Time: 11am-2:30pm with lunch break
Bring: “Brown Bag” lunch (bring your own vegan lunch)
Location: 1920 California Street, Huntington Beach CA 92648-3165 (private home)
Cost: $15 online registration (use button below), $20 door price (proceeds support In Defense of Animals & Animal Advocacy Museum)
Online Registration:

Instructor Dave Rubin trained in leadership development at Envision Global Leadership, an institution accredited by the International Coach Federation, and has expertise in Marshal Rosenberg’s “Non Violent Communication” (NVC). Dave is writing a book on leadership communication and he specializes in helping people who wish to create a more compassionate world avoid burnout while being kinder to themselves and other people. He empowers activists to make a big impact via NVC tools and strategies. Dave can be reached at

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