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Council of Sustainable Activism – Vision

CoSA’s vision is to empower animal activists working together to free all animals from human exploitation and domination. CoSA views both humans and nonhuman animals as sacred, spiritual beings and seeks to raise consciousness, promote empathy, inspire spirituality, revere all life, and practice veganism.

Why Empower Activists?
All activists are needed to make animal liberation a reality. The animals cannot afford to lose a single activist. Yet, at times, activists feel burned out or discouraged by the intense demands of their animal rights work. Relaxing, taking breaks, and developing mindfulness will help sustain the animal rights movement.

The Three Strategies for Healing and Empowerment:

Unlike other social justice movements, the animal rights movement involves individuals who cannot say in human language—”yes, we want to be free.” Advocating for animals takes vision, faith, love, compassion, inner strength, imagination, and above all it takes community. CoSA offers community support and tools to promote more powerful, effective, and sustainable activism.
IDA proposes three strategies to help activists:

  1. Trauma Stewardship – resources to help activists identify the causes and early signs of burnout, acknowledge their own rage and grief, and channel these feelings into effective, nonviolent activism. Activists learn to embrace their inner critic while practicing gratitude and celebrating small victories along the path of animal liberation.
  2. Nonviolent Communication – workshops on nonviolent communication skills as effective techniques for activism. By practicing nonviolent communication, we demonstrate the very nonviolent behavior toward people that we are asking everyone to extend to animals.
  3. Sacred Activism – retreats, tools, and resources for taking time to care for the self through meditation, yoga, and community events. Time spent reflecting, contemplating strategies, and weaving sacred ritual into activism, all empower activists and nurture resilience. For more info, visit