Every dog is a story. And in South Korea, we know the endings for millions of dogs who are subjected to the most unimaginable agony until their last breath, spending their lives at grim and squalid dog meat farms—the very bowels of existence—with their pitiless smell of human injustice and cruelty. They come to sorrow in these hellish places, imprisoned in filthy and desolate cages, where the puppies will soon be separated from their mothers, all awaiting their fate. The accumulation of so much grief, so many lives snuffed out, extinguished, day after day, year after year, for food. Everyday cruelties perpetrated casually and without remorse.

Most dog farms are located in rural areas because of the avalanche of complaints from residents about the noise and fetid smells, the constant threat of air pollution (deadly carbon emissions) and sewage waste. Farms are a hotbed of contagious diseases, with dogs crammed together in feces-caked cages, the excessive use antibiotics and steroids, food consisting of rotting, contaminated human leftovers with human saliva, and a KARA investigation documenting dead puppies being ground up and fed to dogs in cages, which is eerily reminiscent of feeding cow remains back to cows, resulting in the spread of Mad Cow disease. Diseased dogs regularly end up at restaurants consumed by unsuspecting customers.