Free The Dogs’ scientific and investigative directors are working to identify and expose taxpayer funded projects which use dogs. Research studies that are cruel, wasteful and unnecessary will be found on this page over the coming months.

Breaking Dogs’ Hearts
William Roy Brown and Dixon M. Moody

Researchers Brown and Moody (now retired) of Wake Forest University (WFU) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, have been funded by the NIH since 1984 with $8½ million in taxpayer funds. One portion of their study was a cruel and wasteful project which resulted in the use and deaths of 300-400 puppies and adult dogs. This study was an attempt to fix a problem that does not exist.

These researchers claimed there is permanent brain dysfunction after cardiac surgery which may be the result of using a heart-lung machine. However, there is no association between use of the heart-lung machines and long-term brain dysfunction following cardiac surgery. Brain dysfunction is due to the coronary artery disease itself and not after-effects from having used a heart-lung machine.

A thorough review of their grant applications also revealed their study was poorly designed and did not lead to safer cardiac surgery nor to any improvements in the field. Furthermore, none of their findings regarding this research have been published in any peer reviewed articles.

IDA was dismayed to learn that Dr. Brown continues to be funded by the NIH. This researcher is still wasting taxpayer money and using and killing dogs as though they were nothing more than disposable test tubes.

Letters to researchers Brown and Moody and to WFU officials, detailing the scientific and ethical concerns regarding the study and demanding its immediate end, were not answered. A response from the NIH to IDA’s letter was general in nature, but attempted to refute our findings. IDA strongly believes Dr. Brown, WFU and the NIH should be held accountable for this unconscionable waste of taxpayer dollars and the lives of innocent dogs.