IDA and Dogs


IDA has a stellar history of saving, protecting and improving the lives of dogs, and is focused on adding the current campaign to its list of accomplishments:

1990 – IDA filed a lawsuit that successfully prevented the US Army from breaking the legs of 120 retired racing greyhounds, thus securing the release of all the greyhounds in their possession.

1991 – IDA filed lawsuits against UC Davis and two Arizona research facilities in order to win the freedom of 42 additional retired racing greyhounds.

1994 – IDA gained the freedom of 180 beagles scheduled to be killed and dissected by UC Davis veterinary students.

1997 – IDA convinced the Yamhill County, Oregon sheriff to terminate the shelter’s sale of animals to OHSU, resulting in the cancellation of its dog labs.

2000 – IDA initiated a successful campaign to replace the term “owner” with “guardian” in animal related ordinances. Boulder, Colorado became the first city to do so. There are now millions of people in the U.S. and Canada who consider themselves guardians instead of “owners” of their companion animals.

2001 – IDA ended hideous brain cancer experiments on beagle puppies by an Arizona researcher. Twenty-two survivors of the experiments were transferred to loving homes.

2007 – IDA ended the killing of dogs and pigs at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Over 200 animals had been killed for the sole purpose of training sales staff for Valley Lab, a private medical device company.