Take Action


Choosing to eliminate animal products from your plate is one of the most powerful and effective things you can do to fight the cruelties inflicted on farmed animals, to improve your own health, and to help create a long-lasting, healthy environment. Your dollar is your voice. Use it to purchase only cruelty-free products.

As you are making your compassionate transition, IDA is here to help and support you. In our vegan starter kit  you can find easy, delicious recipes and great information to help you start enjoying a plant-based diet. Join hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have decided that they can– and will –improve the world by simply altering what they eat.

Help Spread the Word
You can organize or participate in a full-fledged demonstration, pass out leaflets, or set up an information table. IDA is here to help! We can send you materials, alert activists in your area, and send out a media release if you are doing a demonstration. Here are some tips and ideas for action:

Choosing a Location
Ideally, your event should be held in a busy public area.

Get Permission
Once you have chosen a location, you should check with the local police to learn whether or not permits are required for the event you planned.

The possibilities for vegan demonstrations are limited only by your imagination. Remember to be polite and professional at all times. Make sure to prepare talking points if you plan to send out a media release. It is a priority to have good literature and background information available for the media. The Demonstration Checklist  will help you organize and coordinate your event.

Leafleting can be a great way to educate the public. Leafleting is less formal and involved than a demonstration. Gather some friends and hand out fliers in a well-trafficked area. Remember to always be polite and professional.

Setting up an information table in a public place is a simple and relatively easy outreach activity. Please see our Tabling Checklist to help you get started. And again, always be polite and professional.

Host a vegan potluck
Connect with your community to show them how good vegan food can be. You can organize one every month!

Join or start a vegan club in your school and plan events that will educate people about the benefits of a vegan diet. Write a paper on veganism, hand out vegan literature on campus, or help get vegan meals into your school’s cafeteria.

Always be respectful and polite when talking about veganism. We want to win people over and show them how great the vegan lifestyle can be for animals, for the environment, and for our health. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact Christy Griffin at