Tabling Checklist


Setting up an information table in a public place is a simple and relatively easy outreach activity.
Prior to the tabling

  • Choose a location. Once you have chosen a location, you should check with local authorities to learn whether or not permits are required for the event you planned.
  • Spread the word! Create a Facebook event page, post your event on other social media outlets and blogs, ask IDA to sent out an activist alert, tell your friends.
  • Remind your fellow activists to dress nicely for the tabling.
  • Gather a good quantity of leaflets, if necessary order more.
  • Create or obtain talking points about your topic. Make sure all of the activists participating in your event are well-versed on your chosen topic.

Items you will need

  • Sturdy, portable table with folding legs
  • Clean, unwrinkled table covering – paper or cloth
  • Lots of leaflets
  • Paperweights (if your event is outdoors)
  • Sign telling people the name of your group or event
  • Posters relating to your issue
  • Sign-up sheet (to boost your groups’ numbers)
  • Petition of some kind to help people get involved
  • Donation jar (an easy way to raise money for your future activities – start it off with a dollar bill)

At the tabling

  • Make sure your table is well-organized and inviting.
  • Don’t put out literature on too many different issues, it can be confusing and overwhelming.
  • Have a good quantity of each leaflet out so that people are not fearful of taking your last one.
  • Be polite and professional at all times.
  • Make sure you leave the location as you found it or better.