Elephant Task Force


Thank you for taking your commitment to help elephants one step further by joining IDA’s Elephant Task Force! As a team member you will become an important member of a network of advocates across North America with a shared dedication to end the suffering of elephants in captivity. As a member, you will be called upon by IDA’s Elephant Protection Campaign when we need an advocate in your area to help with zoo and/or circus campaign efforts.

Efforts might include monitoring elephants at your local zoo, monitoring elephants used in circuses or fairs, helping IDA organize demonstrations, helping with legislative issues when they arise, or simply letting us know when a particular circus or fair with elephants comes to your area.

We recognize that not everyone is willing or able to participate in each of these tasks, and that’s okay. We’ll work with your comfort level and ability. Signing up to be a member of IDA’s Elephant Task Force tells us that you are committed to helping IDA help elephants.

Sign up now to join IDA’s Elephant Task Force.

Note: If you’ve signed up in previous years, please do so again to reaffirm your interest.