Take Action


You can organize or participate in a full-fledged demonstration, pass out leaflets, or set up an information table. IDA is here to help! We can send you materials, alert activists in your area, and send out a media release if you are doing a demonstration. Here are some tips and ideas for action:

  • Choosing a Location
    Ideally, your event should be held in a busy outside shopping area, either near or in front of a retailer that sells fur. If your local fur seller is located in a mall and there is no legal spot to visibly demonstrate, any other department store selling fur would work as well.
  • Get Permission
    Once you have chosen a location, you should check with the local police to learn whether or not permits are required for the event you planned.
  • Demonstrations
    The possibilities for anti-fur demonstrations are limited only by your imagination. Remember to be polite and professional at all times. Make sure to prepare talking points if you plan to send out a media release. It is a priority to have good literature and background information available to the media. The Demonstration Checklist  will help you organize and coordinate your event.
  • Leafleting
    Leafleting can be a great way to educate the public. Leafleting is less formal and is simpler than a demonstration. Gather some friends and hand out fliers in a well-trafficked area. Remember to always be polite and professional.
  • Tabling
    Setting up an information table in a public place is a simple and relatively easy outreach activity. Please see our Tabling Checklist  to help you get started. And again, always be polite and professional.