USDA Assault on Canada Geese

While many people enjoy the presence of Canada geese at public parks and recreational areas, others consider them to be little more than a nuisance. WS’s culling programs include roundups of entire flocks of Canada geese at various locations across the U.S. The slaughter is conducted after adult geese have molted their flight feathers, their goslings have hatched, and the community is asleep. Away from the public eye, the WS corrals the helpless geese and their young into small pens, uses plastic zip-ties to bind their feet together, and then shoves them into mobile gas chambers to be killed, or sends them elsewhere for slaughter.

Carbon dioxide is the standard gas used by USDA to kill the geese. Carbon dioxide asphyxiation is an especially cruel process that slowly strangles geese for many anguishing minutes as they struggle to breathe. It is far from humane, particularly because geese have capabilities to hold their breath for long periods while diving for food, so they die even more slowly than most animals exposed to this ruthless method of oxygen deprivation.

Death by carbon dioxide asphyxiation must be ended immediately.