Horse Slaughter


The Bureau of Land Management has supplied wild horses to at least one known large-scale kill buyer, Tom Davis, who is a vocal proponent of horse slaughter.

A dealer by trade, Davis transports livestock, including non-federally protected horses, to slaughter plants across U.S. borders. Despite this being common knowledge, it has been exposed that not only is Davis the BLM’s number one customer for purchasing rounded-up federally protected wild horses, the BLM has also called upon him to purchase even more horses.

Pro Publica, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for National Reporting (2011) and Investigative Reporting (2010), published an investigative report in September of 2012 exposing the disturbing link between this known kill buyer and the BLM, including his personal and business relationship with Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

As soon as Salazar took office, Davis began purchasing wild horses. Davis has purchased almost 70% of all BLM horses sold in this time frame. Davis has so far purchased more than 1,700 wild horses at $10 each, sight unseen. The whereabouts of approximately 1,000 of these horses is unknown.

Davis has freely admitted he shipped hundreds of wild horses illegally across Colorado’s border to Texas towns along the Mexican border. Further supporting the allegation that these horses were taken for slaughter is the surfaced video of BLM-branded horses being offloaded at a Mexican slaughterhouse in Aquas Calientes.

The U.S. Department of Interior Office of Inspector General is conducting an investigation into the potential conflict or involvement of the BLM with Davis concerning his mishandling of protected wild horses. Selling federally protected wild horses for slaughter carries a felony charge.