39 Days of Rescue – Autumn

by Bob Price

  I’m Autumn! My newborn babies and I were abandoned in a cardboard box in a small rural neighborhood. I was so hungry and weak I could hardly make any milk to feed my babies because the people who had been responsible for me did not care or think enough of me to provide the […]


Victory for P-45?

by Lisa Levinson

  California Mountain Lion’s Fate Hangs in the Balance In a remarkable show of support for mountain lions, over 300 community members crowded into a full meeting room at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills last Wednesday to discuss the fate of P-45, a four-year old male mountain lion who is reported to have killed several […]


39 Days of rescue – Moabi

by Bob Price

I’m Moabi! When I was less than two years, old poachers ruthlessly murdered my mother right before my eyes!  I was just a baby, but was struck in the head with a machete, most likely the very same one that was used to butcher my mother,  fracturing my skull just above my left eye. I […]


39 Days of Rescue – Annie

by Bob Price

I’m Annie! I am three years old and was rescued with my two sisters from an abandoned house. We were covered in fleas and so hungry. It was so hot and we had no water to drink. The rescue staff at In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary found out about us and took us […]


39 Days of Rescue – Hannah

by Bob Price

  I’m Hannah! I was abandoned on the side of a busy highway and was rescued by one of the sweet caregivers at In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary. When she found me, I was hungry, and scared of everyone and everything because of all those cars that would drive by so fast on […]


39 Days of Rescue – Chubby

by Bob Price

  I’m Chubby! My brothers and sisters (all nine of us!) were abandoned at a church when we were just three weeks old. We were wet, cold, covered in fleas, and scared because we had been taken away from our mom. The rescue staff at In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary were called about […]


Nevada Laws Fail to Protect Exotic Species

by Doll Stanley

  In November, Nevada state authorities responded to two exotic animal abuse cases that beg the question, “Why does Nevada have the least amount of protection for “exotic,” non-native animals than any other state?” Well, it’s high time for that to change! On November 7, 2016, a woman fleeing charges of child endangerment in Harris […]


Farm-Raised Salmon: Food Dyes and Lies

by Nadia Schilling

  The majestic salmon is a sight to see in the wild. But on farms, these stunning fish are kept in cramped aquatic pens. There, barely able to move, they compete for unnatural food pellets. Is it any wonder then that farm-raised salmon get so stressed out that they literally go gray? We joke about […]