Stop Sick Dingo ‘Suicide’ Killers

by Tiphani Davis

  Over two centuries ago the British government placed goats on Pelorus Island off the coast of Australia to doom them to death as a food supply for stranded sailors and lighthouse keepers. Flash-forward over 200 years and the goats are thriving, but are now considered an “invasive” species. The Mayor responsible for Pelorus Island […]


‘Roos on Death Row!

by Bob Price

  Each year since the early 1990’s in the land “down under,” kangaroos have fallen victim to corporate greed and exploitation. For nearly three decades, the most iconic species of an entire continent has been the victim of government sanctioned “culls” in which hunters are allowed to recklessly blast away at mobs of kangaroos slaying […]


Kangaroos Saved

by Bob Price

  Thanks to the generous contributions of our dedicated supporters, one hundred amazing kangaroos and their baby joeys are now safe. Compassion has won the day and now one hundred of these iconic emblems of Australia’s great Outback look not down the barrel of a hunter’s gun but rather towards the safe horizon of a […]


Operation Glass Walls Opens Eyes

by Nadia Schilling

  We have been touched by your support of our Operation Glass Walls Campaign, and would like to express our profound thanks for helping us spread awareness about the wide-scale abuse that is occurring in farms and slaughterhouses across the USA. We have now heard from the workers themselves – their first-hand accounts of what […]


It’s an Outback Outrage

by Bob Price

  Every year in Australia, more than FIVE MILLION kangaroos, wallabies, and baby joeys are hunted down and brutally murdered to satisfy our hunger for steaks and burgers, shoes and belts. We have got to stop this profit-hungry industry from spiraling further out of control! And it starts with saving one hundred kangaroos and their […]


Brutal Shark Killing Contests Must End

by Ryan Murphy

  Every year, people turn out along the east coast to see sharks, but unfortunately not to watch these incredible animals in the wild. Many of these remarkable predators are brutally killed, strung up by their tails, and weighed. Their sadistic killers are not prosecuted, but instead are rewarded with prize money. Unbelievably, many of […]


STOP Illegal Animal Agribusiness Dealings

by Nadia Schilling

  In an inspiring show of bipartisanship, Senator Mike Lee (a Republican from Utah) and Senator Cory Booker (a Democrat from New Jersey) have introduced a bill that will ensure federal programs promoting the egg, beef, and pork industries aren’t allowed to attack competitors and influence public policy. The Commodity Checkoff Improvement Act of 2016 […]


Creating Compassion for Animals in Mississippi

by Doll Stanley

  Last September, we launched the Justice for Animals Campaign to improve life for the animals of Mississippi and all throughout the Deep South. We are thrilled to announce that our friends at Mississippi Spay and Neuter have now expanded their efforts for Mississippi’s animals in need by founding the Animal Advocacy Initiative of Mississippi […]