The Bushmeat-Ebola Connection

by Marilyn Kroplick, MD

IDA invites you to read this column, “The Bushmeat-Ebola Connection” by IDA President Marilyn Kroplick, MD, with contributions from IDA-Africa Sanctuary Director Sheri Speede, DVM. Imagine a child ill with a fever. What if it’s Ebola? Crying in pain with outstretched arms, she approaches longingly for an embrace, a soothing motherly hug. What is a […]


Dogs Rescued

by Doll Stanley

Tragic Hoarding Case in Tallahatchie On September 30, IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) Operations Manager Sharon Stone received a call from a woman alerting her to an existing hoarding situation where one resident had died and another had been removed from the residence by authorities. Subsequent to that call, she received two more calls reporting […]


Miracle of Animals

by Dr. Joann Marie Donahoe, DVM

The Animalparenting Connection IDA invites you to read this column by guest blogger Dr. Joann Marie Donahoe, DVM, veterinarian, behaviorist, trainer, and author of the downloadable audiobook, “Parenting Your K-9 Angel.” In spite of veterinary medical advances, there still remains an epidemic that does not require advanced technology. The leading cause of death and abandonment […]


Romeo Finds Love After Lifelong Neglect

by Web Team

In mid August, Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) Director Doll Stanley received a late evening text asking for advice regarding a dog with a wound. After several texts, Doll was still up worrying about the dog, but the person who contacted her went to sleep. The next morning she pursued the concern. After more text messages, […]


Vegan Spirituality Retreat

by Prarthana Jayaram

Offers Community, Opens Dialogue What lies at the intersection of spiritual health and ethical choices? How can diet speak to our beliefs and our holistic health? What are the connections between spirituality and a sense of community? These are questions the growing Vegan Spirituality movement seeks to answer by providing monthly events and annual retreats […]


Is Veganism a Religion?

by Dr. Will Tuttle

IDA invites you to read this column on our Sustainable Activism Blog, “Is Veganism a Religion?” by guest blogger Dr. Will Tuttle, international speaker and author of “The World Peace Diet.” Question: Is veganism a religion? And what can we do about all the divisiveness and infighting that seems to characterize our movement? Some people […]


Trapped Animals Represented

by Web Team

Lawsuit Filed Against the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commission Recently, we told you about an exciting lawsuit that has been filed by two courageous Nevada residents, Mark Smith and Don Molde, against the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners. The lawsuit argues that these officials have failed to protect so-called “non-target” animals, including wild and companion […]


Dog Meat and the Catholic Church of South Korea

by Robin Dorman

There is a newly awakened fervor about the Catholic Church in South Korea. In February, the Archbishop Andrew Yeom Soo-jung of Seoul had the high honor of becoming one of 19 new cardinals, joining the College of Cardinals at the consistory in Rome.  He promised to “make efforts to realize Pope Francis’ vision of a […]


Untangling Vegan Dilemmas

by Dr. Will Tuttle

Q&A With Dr. Will Tuttle “Dear Dr. Tuttle, I know you must be very busy, but I have so many questions. I just heard you speak at the World Day of Peace. It was awesome! When you questioned treating people to meat-eating meals, that really struck me. I work for the Catholic Church. So it […]