Fur Free Friday Urges Shoppers to Make Compassionate Choices

by Lisa Levinson

Thank you to all the IDA supporters and activists across the country who came together for Fur Free Friday protests on or around Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. A tradition that began twenty-eight years ago has grown into the world’s largest annual animal rights demonstration. Animal advocates urged consumers to shop cruelty-free by avoiding […]


Shelter Stress

by Debra J. White

We would like our readers to recognize the emotional trauma that the majority of shelter workers face in animal shelters. This article describes the reality of our current, broken animal shelter system. If this first-hand account is painful to read, please vow to make a difference. Across the country, shelter workers are changing the current […]


31 Days of Rescue

by Web Team

For the entire month of December, In Defense of Animals will share with our supporters heartwarming stories of rescue and hope. Please follow us on Facebook while we provide a new rescue story every day all month long. IDA’s work of advocating for and rescuing animals in distress has gone on every day of every […]


Compassionate Canine Companions

by Dr. Armaiti May

IDA invites you to read this column by guest blogger Dr. Armaiti May, DVM, CVA, veterinarian, animal activist, and “Animal Issues” radio show host. Upon discovering the horrors of factory farming, it’s only natural to want to remove one’s support from such cruelty, starting with ceasing the consumption of animal products in one’s own diet. […]


Want to Save Trees? Save the Elephants

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

In a groundbreaking study, researchers at the University of Florida demonstrated a monumental link between the dramatic decline of elephant populations and the local extinction of dominant tree species. They found that Asian elephants and other large-bodied, seed-eating mammals, play a vital role in seed dispersion in dominant tree species in Thailand. Thus, elephants not […]


This Thanksgiving, Make a Difference

by Mark Molloy

Pardon the turkey and opt for a vegan dinner instead. That the (short) life of a turkey on a factory farm is unpleasant is well known to all. This year, 45 million feeling, thinking, fully conscious, and aware turkeys will be killed for Thanksgiving. During their short, pain-filled lives, these birds experience zero federal legal […]


Over a Billion Deaths

by Lisa Levinson

Animals Suffer For Fur Annually Join a Fur Free Friday Event Near You to Stop the Suffering Did you know that at any given time, there are roughly ONE BILLION rabbits imprisoned on fur farms all over the world, with France alone brutally killing 70 MILLION rabbits per year? Each year, more rabbits are killed […]


Your Holiday Too!

by Hillary Rettig

How to Deal With Your Nonvegan Family IDA invites you to read this column on our Sustainable Activism Blog, “Your Holiday Too!” by guest blogger Hillary Rettig, author of “The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World Without Losing Your Way” and “The 7 Secrets of the Prolific.” For many vegans and animal activists, holidays […]


Shadow the Horse Rescued by HAS

by Doll Stanley

Recently, IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) received a call from the Grenada County Sheriff’s Office. They were investigating a report of a dead dog at a residence when they discovered a severely emaciated horse. HAS Operations Manager Sharon Stone and Maintenance Manager Kenny Harrison responded to the plea for assistance. When they arrived at the […]


Plants Feel Pain Too?

by Dr. Will Tuttle

What’s a Vegan To Do? IDA invites you to read this column on our Sustainable Activism Blog, “Plants Feel Pain Too?,” by guest blogger Dr. Will Tuttle, international speaker and author of The World Peace Diet. Question: I had a chance to attend one of your recent lectures and left inspired to spread awareness about […]