Pope Francis Advocates for Animals

by Elliot Katz, DVM

  Since its founding, some 35 years ago, In Defense of Animals, thanks to your participation and support, has done and continues to do everything in its power to protect the rights, welfare, and habitats of nonhuman animals, to raise their status beyond mere property, objects, commodities, and things, to end outdated and cruel customs […]


Crimes of Compassion

by Lisa Levinson

  According to the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General in Canada, compassion is a crime. Co-founder and co-organizer of Toronto Pig Save Anita Krajnc was charged with mischief under the Criminal Code for giving water to dehydrated pigs who were in a Van Boekel Hog Farms slaughterhouse transportation truck while stopped en route to […]


Four Rare Takahēs Killed in New Zealand

by Ryan Murphy

  Once thought to be extinct, but found to still be alive in small numbers, the takahē is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful flightless birds. With close to 300 takahēs known to exist in the world, a killing spree was decided to be undertaken by “experienced marksmen” on Motutapu Island, allegedly a sanctuary, to […]

Thanksgiving Blog

Carve Out a New Tradition This Thanksgiving

by Nadia Schilling

  Is it just us, or is there something deeply ludicrous and horrific about the tradition of the President “pardoning” one turkey from slaughter while millions of others are not spared their grisly deaths? So, while in the public eye, we have our current President encouraging mindless voting forums on social media that select which […]


Thanksgiving Support

by Lisa Levinson

  This month, our Animal Activist Online Support Group falls on Thanksgiving, November 26th. Struggling with family issues surrounding the holiday? Join us for some extra support, a gratitude circle, and a reading to honor the animals! This free, confidential service is available to all animal activists, including everyone who advocates and cares for animals. […]


Fur Farming Ruled to End in the Netherlands by 2024

by Ryan Murphy

  On November 10, 2015, the Dutch court ruled in favor of a country wide fur farming ban which was previously overturned in 2014. This is a great success story for mink in the future because nearly six million mink are killed every year in the Netherlands alone. However, heartless fur farmers are still unwilling […]


Welcome First State-wide Public Animal Abuse Registry

by Ryan Murphy

  Let’s Improve the Lives of Animals Across Tennessee This past spring, Tennessee passed and signed into law the Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act which seeks to publicly name those convicted of animal abuse charges. Amber Mullins, of the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley states that “The registry is public record so any shelter, rescue […]


When the “Celebration” Ends, the Torture Continues

by Web Team

  Various festivals in Asia prompt an increase in the number of dogs eaten. Sadly, when such “celebrations” end, the torture continues. In South Korea, approximately two million dogs are currently condemned to dog meat farms. They are born into filth, living in barren metal cages and in their own feces. Their paws never touch […]


For the Love of Dogs

by Web Team

  Nepal’s Tihar festival is taking place this week! Hindu communities are celebrating in a variety of ways, with one entire day dedicated to worshipping dogs. All dogs, including street dogs, are given treats, have Tika placed on their forehead and given marigold garlands. Other days throughout the week herald other animals such as crows, […]