Elephant Blog

Thank You on Behalf of Elephants!

by Lindsay Morgan

Great News for African Elephants – Thanks to President Obama! President Obama’s recent visit to Kenya proved to be extremely beneficial for African elephants. We recently encouraged our supporters to contact President Obama to urge him to propose a rule to end the ivory trade in the United States and we thank you for taking action. […]

SA Blog

Ten Keys to Staying Positive When Facing Animal Abuse

by Lisa Levinson

  Sustainable Activism Webinar (Thursday, August 6) As animal activists, how can we stay positive, happy, and effective while working to stop the enormous amount of animal abuse that we witness every day on the front lines, in the media, online, and on Facebook? In this webinar, “The World Peace Diet” author Dr. Will Tuttle […]

IDA India Blog

Introducing Compassionate Children’s Club

by Naina Athale

  A major goal at IDA India is always to help the next generation become kind and compassionate, and so our staff created the “Compassionate Children’s Club” to instill in children sensitivity and consideration for animals, as well as interest in the cause of animal welfare. We are busy preparing easy-to-perform and enjoyable activities like […]

IDA Africa Blog

Introducing IDA Africa’s New Management

by Karin Cereghino

  We are Delighted to Introduce Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center’s New Management Team! This summer, IDA-Africa welcomed our new sanctuary management team! Raymond Tchimisso served as personnel manager of Sanaga-Yong Rescue Center for 11 years before being promoted to sanctuary manager last month. Since coming to Sanaga-Yong in 2004, he has been involved in all […]

Bow Hunter Blog

Revoke License of Cruel Veterinarian

by Tiphani Davis

  In April, Texan Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey, DVM, posted a picture on her Facebook page of herself with a cat. The much loved housecat, Tiger, who had lived next door up until that point, however, was dead from an arrow through his head, and the veterinarian was holding the other end of the arrow and […]

Horse Blog

Keep U.S. Horses SAFE

by Rhona Melsky

  Stop Horses From Being Shipped to Slaughter! As living, breathing, sentient beings with interests and lives of their own, all animals have the right to exist and thrive without exploitation and early death. As such, it is extremely disturbing that we have to fight to keep yet another animal off the menu in the […]

Bob Cat Blog

Illinois Legalizes Bobcat Trapping

by Jessica Beaudry

  Last month, we asked our Illinois supporters to speak out against Bill 352, which proposed to reinstate an annual bobcat trapping and hunting season within the state after years of protection. Despite massive public objection, (with an estimated 75 percent of voters against this legislation) and thousands of phone calls and letters, we regret […]

SA Tip Blog

Cultivating Gratitude

by Lisa Levinson

  Our Sustainable Activism Tip of the week comes from “The World Peace Diet” author Dr. Will Tuttle, who shares the importance of cultivating an attitude of gratitude to maintain ongoing, effective advocacy for animals. An internal appreciation for our breath, the beauty of this earth, and the inspirational work of other animal activists can […]