Ireland’s Former President Advocates Veganism

by Nadia Schilling

  At a recent One Young World Summit, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson stood in front of approximately 1,300 young leaders from 196 nations and urged them to change their eating habits in order to achieve “climate justice.” “We need each of us to think about our carbon footprint. Eat less meat, or no […]


Tell FedEx To Stop Shipping Dolphins!

by Caroline Saxon

  Last week, activists from Animal Rights Hawaii videoed FedEx employees packing up three live dolphins into transport boxes. The shipping destination? The Arizona desert, where Dolphinaris, a new swim-with-dolphin facility, will be opening soon.  Dolphins don’t belong in boxes, and they don’t belong in the desert. Tell FedEx to stop shipping wild animals unless […]


Stop the Killing of 70% of Norway’s Wolves!

by Dagheid Solholm

  2017 could be a fatal year for wolves in Norway. The Norwegian government has announced a plan to kill two-thirds of its wild wolf population. People all over the country, and outside its borders, are now reacting. The last count showed just 68 individual wolves. Of these, 47 from a population of 68 Norwegian […]


SAVED! Ronaldo the Pig is NOT a Wedding Feast!

by Karin Cereghino

  The little pig was on his way to a wedding feast in the West Region of Cameroon, Africa, kept alive only so his meat wouldn’t spoil in the hot equatorial sun. Carried upside down with his front and back legs tied together around a sturdy wooden pole, he had already endured several hours, and […]


More Reasons to Love Elephants

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  African elephants studied in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park are able to recognize the difference between the tribes who may harm them, and those who won’t. The voices, sounds, and smells of Maasai Warrior tribesmen, who occasionally spear elephants in self defense and retaliation, and those of the farming Kamba tribesmen,  who pose no threat, […]


European Union Vote at CITES Guarantees More Elephants Will Die

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  The European Union (EU) voting block of 28 nations killed a proposal to list all African elephants on Appendix 1 at the current Conference of the Parties meeting of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). Appendix 1gives the highest protection possible for elephants. If passed, the measure […]


Native American Reflections on Vegan Spirituality

by Lisa Levinson

  Are you ready to take your connection with animals to a whole new level? We invite you to join our online gathering next week featuring animal communicator, vegan activist and artist Linda G. Fisher, of Ojibway and Cherokee heritage and a tribal member of the Ojibway Nation. Linda sees through the eyes of an animal […]


Great News for African Elephants!

by Laura Bridgeman

Twenty-nine African nations seeking to stop the devastating losses of elephants to poachers have successfully stopped a proposal that, if passed, would have ignited the resumption of international trade in elephant ivory. This victory for elephants is happening at the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Conference of […]


After 4 Long Years, Skeeter Finally Gets a Home!

by Sharon Stone

  Skeeter has lived at In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary for four long years.  He was extremely shy, which made finding the perfect home for him a bit of a challenge. Finally, when one family saw Skeeter listed on an adoption site, they just knew he was the dog they wanted.  When they […]