Another Life Saved by IDA!

by Bob Price

  When we received a call about a tiny puppy caught in a roadside culvert, the rescue team at In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary sprang into action. It did not matter that it was late at night or that it was many miles away. When the call came, it was answered. Today, that […]


Google Predicts a Plant-Based Revolution!

by Ingrid Taylor

  Google Predicts a Plant-Based Revolution! Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has named the number one “game-changing” trend of the future as the consumption of plant-based proteins instead of meat. In a report by Fortune, Schmidt spoke to thousands of investors and business executives at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference. Schmidt […]


Another Sadistic Dog Dragging in Mississippi

by Doll Stanley

  Can you imagine the horror? It’s a beautiful day and you’re mowing your yard, while your best pal is safely tethered ,watching you work and spending time with you. Suddenly, the unthinkable jolts your day. Ray Duncan of Desoto County, Mississippi never saw what was coming. He went in the house for a few […]


China’s Appetite for Endangered Species

by Mark Molloy

  We must, collectively, speak out and demonstrate to China’s powerful president, Xi Jinping, and other powers that can influence him, that enormous finances and efforts must be deployed to end the trade in wild, and “farmed,” endangered species, once and for all. London’s Economist Magazine is, in many ways, a publication for the power […]


Volunteer In Africa!

by Karin Cereghino

  For the experience of a lifetime, consider volunteering this summer for In Defense of Animals – Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue in Cameroon. We are seeking volunteers for 3-month stays during the period from July through October. Stays are normally a 6 month commitment, so this is a very unique opportunity to help, without having […]


Stop Cormorant Killers’ Cover-Up

by Ryan Murphy

  The controversial, government-sanctioned mass-killing of cormorants in the Columbia River has sunk to a despicable new low. After slaughtering over 4,000 nesting cormorants on East Sand Island in Oregon, a staggering 16,000 cormorants have abandoned their nests. Their excuse for this biological catastrophe? Eagles. Blaming Eagles?! Astonishingly, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spokeswoman Amy […]


IDA Champions Interdependence With Whales and Dolphins in Belgium

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

On May 14, 2016, In Defense of Animals’ Dr. Toni Frohoff spoke at an agenda-setting conference in Brussels, Belgium, about our interdependence with dolphins and whales. Dr. Frohoff has spent decades studying dolphins and whales in the wild. Our relationship with these beings is ever changing, and there is an urgent need for us to improve […]