Tell Congress to Stand Up for Wolves

by Anja Heister

Wolves are some of the most persecuted, hated, and misunderstood wild animals and, as a result, in many states have lost their Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections. Now, wolf haters are again attempting a political maneuver to attach a rider to a “must pass” bill, which would strip ESA protection for all wolves in America. […]


Be a Special Valentine for Animals This Year

by Bob Price

Your generous support has provided the means by which In Defense of Animals can continue our mission of rescue and advocacy work around the world. Adoptable and loving dogs, cats, and even horses at IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary all have food, clean water, shelter, and loving care thanks to you. Gentle and knowing elephants who […]


IDA Launches Animal Activist Helpline

by Nadia Schilling

IDA is excited to announce that we’re launching an Animal Activist Helpline as part of our Sustainable Activism Campaign! This service is the very first of its kind, offering free self-help resources and emotional support for animal activists. Our goal is to help animal activists gain clarity on their missions, work effectively and efficiently, create […]


Justice in Action!

by Bob Price

Earlier last month, Director Doll Stanley from IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) in Grenada, Mississippi received an emergency call about a group of cats who were reportedly abandoned and starving. The caller stated that the family responsible for these animals had moved just down the road and left approximately 10 cats at their old residence […]


Ongoing Backlash to New York’s Deer Killing

by Anja Heister

  The war against Long Island’s deer continues, and so does international opposition to the killings conducted by USDA’s Wildlife Services, paid for by the town of Southold and the Long Island Farm Bureau. Over the course of six weeks, beginning in late February of 2014, Wildlife Services agents established three shooting zones and used […]


Building Bridges

by Denise Papas

  IDA invites you to read this column on our Sustainable Activism Blog by guest blogger Denise Papas, a freelance television producer/writer who specializes in biographies. Denise is featuring members of our Council of Sustainable Activism to introduce them to our supporters. Paul Gorski is an associate professor of Integrative Studies at George Mason University, […]


New York is a Rotten Apple

by Brianna Grant

IDA’s elephant scientist, Dr. Toni Frohoff, has been speaking out about the Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants list and the predominance of New York State zoos on the list. Three of the 2014 ten worst zoos for elephants are from New York: the Bronx Zoo, Buffalo Zoo, and Rosamond Gifford Zoo. She highlighted that, “The […]


Zimbabwe Plowing Forward With Baby Elephant Exports

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

Despite international protests from concerned people across the globe, the sovereign nation of Zimbabwe seems to be moving forward with its plan to export an undetermined number of baby elephants to China, the United Arab Emirates, and France. These elephant toddlers were cruelly captured during a mass roundup that used helicopters in coordination with armed […]