Slaughterhouses in Marin? Say No!

by Nadia Schilling

**Attention Marin County, California Activists** This upcoming Monday (November 28th), the Marin Planning Commission is holding a second community meeting to discuss if it will allow slaughterhouses, both permanent and portable, in Marin County. This is a critical opportunity. Residents who can attend and speak at this meeting in person will have the most impact.  […]


Behind the Scenes – Critical Construction and a Dedicated Crew

by Karin Cereghino

  With the generous support of In Defense of Animals-Africa’s friends, the construction team at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue has been very busy since June! Pieter van Heeren, a talented Dutch engineer, is generously donating his invaluable time to assist the sanctuary’s skilled resident team. He has been working closely with Timothy Wirba, whose vital leadership […]


39 Days of Rescue – Paul

by Bob Price

  I’m Paul! Hi! I’m Paul. I was just a baby when rescuers working with In Defense of Animals saved me. They took me away from the scary place that killed dogs like me for meat. My rescuers have decided to nickname me ‘Lover Boy’ because I can’t stop giving them millions of kisses. It’s […]


39 Days of Rescue – Surprise

by Bob Price

  I’m Surprise! Hi! My name is Surprise. They call me Surprise because no one was ever expecting me. My mom was abandoned in a rural neighborhood where she wandered around going up to houses only to be turned away. Some people were angry for no reason and even threw stuff at her. She was […]


39 Days of Rescue – Jake

by Bob Price

  I’m Jake! Hi, my name is Jake. I lived with the same family for 8 years and then my papa guardian suddenly passed away. My mama guardian felt like she could not care for me anymore so she called In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary and asked the people there  if I could […]


39 Days of Rescue – Denise

by Bob Price

  I’m Denise! My story starts with when I was living outdoors near a convenience store off of the dangerous and busy interstate. I was skinny and malnourished. A very sweet woman from In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary stopped one day to get some gas and I ran up to see if she […]


39 Days of Rescue – Lolita

by Bob Price

  I’m Lolita! Hi! I’m Lolita, an orca kidnapped from my wild family in 1970. I’m held at the Miami Seaquarium in a tiny concrete tank, mostly alone. There’s a huge platform in the middle of my tank, making my living space even smaller. But, thanks to awareness-raising efforts by In Defense of Animals and […]


39 Days of Rescue – Shadow

by Bob Price

I’m Shadow! My name is Shadow, and I am about 10 years old, and I am slowly going blind. Because of this, my previous guardians decided that they just didn’t want me anymore. It was heartbreaking! Luckily for me, the staff at In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary took me in and set me […]


39 Days of Rescue – Gypsy

by Bob Price

  I’m Gypsy! I am only about 1 1/2 years old, and despite being very young, I have an old injury to my leg that causes me to walk with a limp. The people responsible for me didn’t want me anymore and didn’t want to take me to the vet either. Because of my disability […]


Beat the Holiday Blues

by Lisa Levinson

  Fall is in the air as we turn our hearts and minds towards the upcoming holidays. With a dead turkey as the centerpiece, Thanksgiving can be a challenging holiday for many animal activists. Explaining why you don’t want to participate in the family ritual of eating a turkey can result in conflict or even […]