Great News For Wildlife From the State of Washington!

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

Washington residents vote to protect wildlife with the passage of ‘Washington Animal Trafficking Initiative’ Earlier this week, Initiative 1401 won in every county in Washington, with a statewide lead of 71 to 29 percent to protect wildlife from illegal trafficking. The measure will “prohibit the purchase, sale, and distribution of products made from a list […]


Register Today for Compassionate Thanksgiving Dinner

by Lisa Levinson

Saturday, November 14 in El Paso, Texas IDA invites you to join us at the Vegetarian Society of El Paso’s Compassionate Thanksgiving Dinner featuring speaker Lisa Levinson, Director of IDA’s Sustainable Activism Campaign, who will discuss veganism as a spiritual path and the importance of connecting with like-minded souls in community. Lisa will share emotional […]

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Starved to Death Horse and Her Dead Baby

by Web Team

  Will Justice Ever Be Served? Yesterday, In Defense of Animals staff were in the Tallahatchie County Justice Court in Mississippi for the 5th docket since the March 3, 2015 incident. On that date, IDA investigators were asked to respond to a report that a mare and her mule colt were dead, or dying. What […]


USDA Rejects Its Own Advisory Committee

by Nadia Schilling

  Don’t Let Another Five Years of Dietary Guideline Negligence Go Unchallenged Earlier this month, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) officially rejected recommendations by their own advisory committee (and your letters of support back in April) to make environmental health a component of overall health […]


Help Us End Bok Nal Days

by Web Team

  Bok Nal or “Dog Days” festivals are held every year in South Korea. These festivals are part of the ritual of dog meat consumption which, among an older generation of consumers, is thought to magically promote health and vitality during the hot summer months. With your help and support, In Defense of Animals is […]


Happy Belated Birthday Daniel!

by IDA Africa

  In 2008, In Defense of Animals – Africa helped authorities confiscate baby Daniel (estimated birth October of 2006) after employees found him in the town of Bertoua chained by his waist behind a hardware store. Poachers had slaughtered his family and abandoned him at the store. Initially Daniel was so emotionally traumatized that despite […]


Meet Lil’ Dumpling

by Naina Athale

Meet Lil’ Dumpling Two-month-old Lil’ Dumpling had obviously been well looked after by his dog mum when he arrived at the IDA India Center. With the ever-present danger of being run over or badly injured on the mean and harried streets of Mumbai, his poor mother couldn’t protect him from it all. He met with […]


Visualize Vegantopia

by Lisa Levinson

  Join Us Online on Thursday, November 12 IDA invites you to join our Vegan Spirituality Online Gathering in November, featuring special guest Ruth Hawe, who shares her vision of Vegantopia, a higher vibrational energy of the Peaceable Kingdom. Experience the peaceful paradise of your inner awareness and deepest desire for awakened evolution by spending […]