PC Act Blog

New Bill Would Require Animal Testing

by Jessica Beaudry

  As concern and disapproval over animal testing continues to grow worldwide, new legislation introduced into Congress proposes taking a step back from progress, requiring animal testing of cosmetics in the U.S. Introduced by California Senator Dianne Feinstein, and co-sponsored by Maine Senator Susan Collins, The Personal Care Products Safety Act (S. 1014) serves to […]


Please Help Elephants Today

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Thanks to the generous support and activism of individuals across the country, this has been a historic week for elephants suffering in circuses and zoos. This past week saw hundreds of individuals from over thirty countries around the world standing in solidarity in demonstrations both virtual and in the real-world. Over 1500 people participated […]

SA Tip Blog

Animal Liberation in Process

by Lisa Levinson

  In IDA’s seventh Sustainable Activism Tip, life coach, speaker, author, and Helpline Counselor, Phyllis Levinson reminds us that animal activists are making progress, despite the endless nature of animal advocacy. When we feel frustrated or defeated, history can help us gain perspective on the bigger picture. Like other social justice movements, the animal rights […]

Grojiband Blog

Fireworks Are Terrifying

by Anita Carswell

  While we humans understand and enjoy fireworks, other species generally do not. Most animals have incredibly sensitive hearing, and the sudden deafening bangs and booms are nerve wracking especially when the source of the noise is not understood. The impulse is to run, but the threat isn’t identified, which can cause unrelenting panic and […]


Deadly Pesticide Driving Bees to Extinction

by Jessica Beaudry

  Neonicotinoids are inflicting mass suffering and death on honeybees worldwide. Honeybees are still suffering and dying at an alarming and unsustainable rate, and at a rate deemed “too high for their long-term survival” according to a study published last year. Furthermore, a Harvard study released the same month points specifically to the neonictinoids group […]


Pressure On at Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival

by Stephanie Hillman

  We regret to inform you, that despite the local and international outcry and opposition to the Summer Solstice Lychee Dog and Cat Meat Festival, including our action alert and others created by many groups and individuals that generated thousands of emails to officials in positions of power, the horrific and inhumane ‘celebration’ took place […]


Exercise Helps Activists

by Lisa Levinson

  IDA’s sixth Sustainable Activism Tip comes from “The World Peace Diet” author Dr. Will Tuttle, who shares the importance of physical exercise as a self-care tool for activists. Exercise reinvigorates the senses and maintains our physical health, which balances the intense emotional and intellectual activity we do as animal activists. Vigorous exercise also provides […]