SA Blog

Adventures, Ahimsa, and The Good Karma Life

by Nadia Schilling

  Many thanks to “The Good Karma Diet” author Victoria Moran for sharing her wisdom during our monthly Vegan Spirituality Online Gathering, offered every second Thursday of the month from 5-6pm PST. Watch the Vegan Spirituality Online Gathering replay with Victoria Moran here. We’re looking very forward to hearing Victoria present on “Adventures, Ahimsa, and […]

HAS Blog

Please Spay and Neuter!

by Bob Price

  Every year, literally hundreds of thousands of unwanted and discarded animals are killed in shelters across the country. Sadly, all of these deaths would be largely preventable if people would make the responsible decision to have their companions spayed or neutered. The procedures are harmless, widely available at no or reduced cost, and promote […]

Cat Trapping Blog

Volunteers Needed in Paradise

by Web Team

  Cats are being killed on islands in the United States and around the world by governments that would stop the killing if shown how to organize high volume sterilization campaigns. Trapped in Paradise (TIP) is a new program by the global nonprofit Animal Balance that provides resources to local organizations for targeted trap, neuter, […]


Do Your Part to Help Elephants and Rhinos

by Lindsay Morgan

  California is Poised to Becomes the First State to Ban the Bullhook and the Third State to Ban the Trade of Ivory and Rhino Horn! As of this afternoon, we still have not gotten word that Governor Jerry Brown has signed either of the two critical bills for elephant protection that have made their […]

Sea World Blog

SeaWorld is Trying to Build a Giant Fish Farm

by Mark Molloy

  Don’t Let It Happen! Considering the public’s recent and growing abhorrence to SeaWorld, you would think it would avoid additional endeavors that irresponsibly and inhumanely exploit sea animals and that are notorious for being ecologically hazardous. But, think again… SeaWorld apparently wants to jump from the fire into the frying pan, literally, by getting […]

SA Blog

Join IDA for Two Online Events

by Lisa Levinson

  • Vegan Spirituality Online Gathering with guest Victoria Moran (Thursday, September 10) • Sustainable Activism Webinar with instructor Dave Rubin (Thursday, September 17) Vegan Spirituality Online Gathering (Thursday, September 10) Join our free, monthly Vegan Spirituality Online Gatherings with co-hosts “Peace to All Beings” author Judy Carman and IDA’s Sustainable Activism Campaign Director Lisa […]

IDA India Blog

Meet Dimdim and Espy

by IDA India

  Late in June, our managing committee member, Priya, received a call about three little abandoned pups in Vikhroli, Mumbai who needed rescue. Priya coordinated with all the animal groups she knew and Navin, a concerned animal lover, reached the initial caller who had taken charge of the pups. He was told a horror story […]

Bee Blog

New Poison Kills Bees

by Jessica Beaudry

Tell The EPA To Recall New Toxin The EPA has approved a new pesticide for agricultural use without caring about its effect on plants and animals. Bicyclopyrone (BCP), the poison in question, utilizes plants existing circulatory system, passing its deadly chemicals straight into pollen and nectar. Combining existing pesticides along with the new herbicide BCP, […]