Coping With Anger at Animal Abuse

by Lisa Levinson

  We often hear from people who are filled with anger at animal abuse. If the blog below sounds like you or someone you know, please contact our dedicated Animal Activist Mentor Line at 1(800) 705-0425 or Reprinted with permission from The Vegan Independent. Like many vegans and animal activists, Lyndsay Doyle has experienced intense […]


Get African Elephants Classified as Endangered Species

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  African elephants are currently listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act, but the US Fish and Wildlife Service is considering uplisting them to “endangered,” which would help to dramatically increase their protection. The issue is open for public comments until May 16th to help determine if the change in status is appropriate and […]


This Little Dog Survived Domestic Violence

by Ilana Bollag

  Now He’s Helping In Defense of Animals! One fateful day in October 2009, Bruce Zeman received a call from Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Center about a recently rescued dachshund. He had been beaten nearly to death by his former humans and was in urgent need of a home. Bruce and his wife Tami quickly […]


New York Residents: Take Action for Farmed Animals!

by Nadia Schilling

  New York Residents: Take Action for Farmed Animals! The New York Times editorial board recently slammed factory farms for the horrific and  deliberate concealment of cruelty they inflict on farmed animals. Now, as a resident of New York, you  have a great opportunity to stop some of the worst abuses by supporting New York, […]


Say NO to GPS Hound Tracking

by Tiphani Davis

  Hound hunting of deer and other animals has always been controversial for its inhumane practices, and yet, it is a current practice of many deer hunters. Often, instinct takes over and hounds are lost from their humans and in some instances are never found. An amendment to the Mammal Hunting Code of Regulation 265 […]


Summer Days Bring Dog Meat “Festivals”

by Melissa Flower

  As the dog days of summer approach, so too do the dog meat “festivals” in China and South Korea. While dog meat is consumed throughout the year in both countries, there is a considerable increase during the summer months as the myth of dog meat increasing one’s stamina and male virility persists. China’s Yulin […]


Boknal Days Are Quickly Approaching

by Melissa Flower

  The dog days of summer spell doom for South Korea’s dogs. It is during these days, presumably the hottest days of the year, that the dreaded Boknal Days take place. They are only weeks away. The three main Boknal Days span July to August and are when the consumption of dog meat peaks throughout […]


Bull Runs for His Life from New York Slaughterhouse

by Nadia Schilling

Bull Runs for His Life from New York Slaughterhouse Recently in New York, a bull named Frank Lee ran for his life in absolute terror from a slaughterhouse in Queens. Eventually, the NY police department caught up with Frank after a caller reported him racing down Liberty Avenue near 160th Street towards the campus of […]


Stop Wild Bird “Hazing” Plans in Oregon

by Ryan Murphy

  Over the last number of years, we have written alerts and posts about the cruel and deadly actions which have been happening in Oregon towards cormorants. Unfortunately the state is planning yet another callous and heartless action against these fascinating aquatic birds, and we need your help once again. Last week, the Oregon Department […]


Protect Farmed Animals Suffering at Cruel Research Facilities

by Nadia Schilling

  Protect Farmed Animals Suffering at Cruel Research Facilities Did you know that the Animal Welfare Act provides ZERO protection for farmed animals? This is because the law currently defines acceptable treatment of animals according to their use rather than their capacity to suffer. Right now, you have an opportunity to help pass an important […]