24 U.S. Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Executed Help Us Save the Rest

by Doll Stanley

  At least 24 of 140 bomb-detecting sniffing dogs have been executed in Kuwait by a US security company.  The retirement of canine officers, military or otherwise, should be of the utmost importance to a society that values its animals and its protectors, making news of this treachery and abuse enraging. These dogs were civilian […]


Shut down Russia’s ‘Animal Concentration Camps’!

by Web Team

  In April, concerned locals and animal advocates were finally allowed to enter Bano Eco, an animal “shelter” in the Veshnyaky district of Moscow. What they discovered there was like a scene from a horror film; dogs and cats buried in mass graves; newborn animals suffocated and disposed of in plastic bags in rooms where […]

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Operation Glass Walls

by Nadia Schilling

Operation Glass Walls In the United States and across the globe, farmed animals and slaughterhouse workers are often hidden from the public eye, shielded behind private walls and isolated in remote locations. Undercover footage regularly reveals shocking animal cruelty in animal factories. The meat industry usually responds by condemning their workers, and assuring the public […]


Two Dogs Starved and Dumped One Dog Dies in Our Arms

by Doll Stanley

A couple of weeks ago, Hope Animal Sanctuary responded to a call from a member of the public who found a pair of emaciated female dogs left for dead in Pontotoc, Mississippi. The dogs were in such a severely distressed condition, it is a miracle they hadn’t already died. Their poor bodies had eaten every […]


Want to Improve Your Vegan Advocacy?

by Lisa Levinson

  How can we as animal advocates best help nonhuman animals? This question gets thrown around and debated passionately among those who care deeply about animals. Many fall within different “camps,” claiming that their particular approach is more “effective” despite a lack of any meaningful or peer-reviewed scientific study. Often, claims of effectiveness are not […]


See Massamba at Rest!

by Karin Cereghino

  At In Defense of Animals – Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Rescue, the chimpanzees receive a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack along with breakfast and dinner. After his 2pm snack, fourteen-year-old Massamba finds some shade for a little relaxation. Massamba’s rescue was set in motion when he was confiscated by Angolan authorities after he was orphaned and taken […]


Kiki Jackson’s Stress-Free Life

by Karin Cereghino

  Beautiful 32-year-old Kiki Jackson came to In Defense of Animals – Africa‘s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue in June 2000. Nearly having died of starvation, he was rescued by us after living in a concrete cell at a resort hotel for at least 14 years, as the “property” of the Cameroon Board of Tourism. Although he […]


5 Dogs SAVED from Dog Meat Slaughterhouse Jaws of Death

by Fleur Dawes

  The air was thick with the overpowering smell of fear. On the filthy slaughterhouse floor were buckets filled with lifeless skulls. The brave rescuers steeled themselves for the job they’d come to do: to rescue as many dogs as possible from certain death. And that death promised to be vicious, slow, and painful, for […]