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Australian Ad Promotes Violence Against Vegans

by Nadia Schilling

  Sign Our Alert to Advertising Bureau Which Ruled the Ad: “Humorous”! Every year, Meat and Livestock Australia launches a controversial advertising campaign encouraging people to eat more lamb flesh on Australia Day. Previous ads have taken aim at those who don’t eat slaughtered baby lambs by calling them “soap-avoiding,” “pot-smoking,” and “un-Australian.” This year, […]


Activists Uncover Horrifying Deer Killings in British Columbia

by Ryan Murphy

Take Action to End the Killing Since the beginning of December, 2015 a deer killing plan has been underway in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada under the not-so-watchful-eye of the City of Cranbrook and the British Columbia Government. Now, new footage has been released by our friends and fellow animal activists at the British Columbia Deer […]


Shocking Approval

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Shocking Approval: Elephants Will Be Torn From Africa And Imprisoned In U.S. For Entertainment BREAKING NEWS: In a shocking and irresponsible move, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will make a devastating announcement tomorrow that it will allow 18 young African elephants kidnapped from the wild and their families to be shipped to three […]


February is Activist Appreciation Month

by Lisa Levinson

  Share your appreciation of animal activists this Valentine’s Day and all month long. In honor of Activist Appreciation Month, we’re rolling out special initiatives all month long to support grassroots activists. We will also announce partnerships with other animal activist groups to promote self-care and build a strong, resilient community of animal advocates. Start […]


You Were There When We Needed You

by Bob Price

  We needed your end-of-year support, and you were there for us. Thank you. There is no doubt that confronting the worst kinds of animal abuse and exploitation is heartbreaking. We at In Defense of Animals can never begin to express how much your renewed commitment to our lifesaving programs has both inspired us and […]


Animal Agriculture and Slaughterhouse Workers

by Sarah Lucas

  The legalized suffering and slaughter of farmed animals is horrific. Because of this, many of us instinctively feel that the suffering of slaughterhouse workers is something they deserve given their “choice” of profession, but quite often there is not much true choice involved. Many slaughterhouse workers are immigrants escaping horrors in their home country, […]


Please Renew Your Support for 2016

by Bob Price

  Perhaps you just recently made a donation to In Defense of Animals to help end animal suffering. Or maybe, it’s been awhile. Either way, please do not ignore our appeal for your help. It’s a really good time to renew or begin your annual membership to In Defense of Animals for 2016.We know how […]


FBI Now Tracks Animal Abuse

by Doll Stanley

Good news is sweeping the nation. While those of us on the front lines see the horrors of animal cruelty almost daily, we can take heart that the media covers animal cruelty instances without distinction from other appalling crimes and recognizes that the public supports toughening and enforcing laws. Now, the Federal Bureau of Investigations […]