International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Join us in Solidarity on Sunday, June 28 – in person or online! IDA first launched ‘The International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos’ (IDAEZ) in 2009, a global event to raise awareness about the plight of elephants in zoos and to end their suffering – and ideally – to send elephants in […]

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Calling All Activists to Beat Burnout & Heal

by Lisa Levinson

  Join Us for Two Upcoming Events! Join IDA for our second Sustainable Activism Teleseminar, “Beating Burnout: Sustaining Ourselves to Sustain Our Movements,” with activists Dallas Rising and Paul Gorski and win free tickets to our first Activist Healing Retreat featuring “The 30 Day Vegan” author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau! Both events are great opportunities to practice […]


Effective Animal Advocacy

by Dr. Will Tuttle

  By Dr. Will Tuttle IDA’s fourth Sustainable Activism Tip comes from The World Peace Diet author Dr. Will Tuttle, who shares the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive, like-minded people. Watch the video here. For self-care tips, emotional support, and activist resources, contact our Animal Activist Helpline: IDA also invites you to read […]


Meet Nora

by Sharon Stone

  Barely able to stand on her own, this poor girl was cruelly dumped at the gates of In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi in late December of last year. When she was found by rescuers, she weighed only 25 pounds, which was easily only half of what she should have […]


Exposé Expanded

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Exposé Expanded on Oregon Zoo Elephants The Unaffordable Truth: How private should public records be? Earlier this month, IDA shared a provocative 4-part exposé by Portland’s Carla Castano of KOIN 6 news on Oregon Zoo’s (OZ) long history of lies and manipulation about elephant welfare.With so many skeletons leaping out of the zoo’s closet, […]


Activism to Suit Your Style

by Lisa Levinson

  IDA’s third Sustainable Activism Tip comes from our Animal Activist Helpline Counselor, Jessica Rowshandel, who encourages dedicated activists like us to find the type advocacy that best suits our personality, skills, and passions. Some activists excel at organizing demos while others prefer online activism like letter writing. Understanding our own needs helps us to […]