Meet Veer!

by Fleur Dawes

  Veer, which is Hindi for “brave,” is the name we at In Defense of Animals India have aptly given to a 3-4 year-old Labrador, who was found listless and depressed by a highway on the outskirts of Mumbai between Dombivili and Kalyan. He was spotted by Mr. Hoshang Billimoria, an animal activist, who contacted us at the IDA […]


Fundraising Your Way!

by Bob Price

Fundraising Your Way! With the launch of In Defense of Animals new crowd funding site “Sanctuary Superstars,” you can go from IDA supporter to IDA fundraiser with just a few clicks. We give you all the tools necessary to fundraise for our rescue shelter, Hope Animals Sanctuary; all while hosting events, celebrating occasions, or just […]

Peer-to-Peer-Horse B

Don’t Just Be a Star… Be a Sanctuary Superstar!

by Bob Price

Don’t Just Be a Star… Be a Sanctuary Superstar! “How can I help?” is a question we get asked a lot, and the answer has never been as easy or as fun to answer as right now. We have been busy working behind the scenes to build Sanctuary Superstars, a brand new tool to put […]


Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice

by Fleur Dawes

  That’s what puppy girls are made of! Sugar’s mom, a Lhasa mix, was literally dumped outside the IDA India Center front gate with her babies. Sugar, her mother, and her siblings were given lots of loving care while awaiting new homes. Now Sugar has been adopted by a lovely couple from Borivili in Mumbai. She is the second […]


Trailer Isn’t Shelter for Any Dog

by Doll Stanley

A Trailer Isn’t Shelter for Any Dog Hope Animal Sanctuary Operations Manager, Sharon Stone, and Justice for Animals Campaign Director, Doll Stanley recently confirmed with an in-person visit a report that there were dogs chained without shelter beside a Carroll County, Mississippi home.  A caller had contacted us and described how these dogs had cried […]



by Doll Stanley

Animal Hoarding: Criminal Act or Illness? Recently,  In Defense of Animals – Hope Animal Sanctuary (IDA-HAS) had two cases which involved responding to activities at the respective homes of a couple and an individual who IDA-HAS had previous involvement with.  In the case of the couple, they called saying they had puppies that had to […]


Did You Know?

by Karin Cereghino

  A little taxonomy lesson for people with a deep interest in chimpanzees . . . all chimpanzees belong to the species Pan troglodytes, but geographic separation of populations, by rivers or distance, over long periods of time led to small genetic differences within the species.. Thus, taxonomists have created 4 sub-classifications known as subspecies.  […]


A Guardian Angel for Choti

by IDA India

  “Choti” (meaning ‘small’ in Hindi) lives close to our In Defense of Animals India Deonar Center in Mumbai. Her closest friend in the world is a Municipal Corporation worker who is hearing disabled and rarely talks. As he sweeps the grimy streets, he keeps an eye out for his four-legged friends on the street. […]


Here’s Stanley Grooming Future

by IDA Africa

  If you’ve never seen nor heard chimpanzees grooming each other up close, here’s 38 seconds of Stanley grooming Future at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, the sanctuary of In Defense of Animals – Africa. These two fifteen-year-olds were both orphaned and taken captive as infants by poachers supplying Cameroon, Africa’s illegal commercial bushmeat trade. They have […]


Meet Our Chimpanzee Champion!

by IDA Africa

  We are excited to announce the Founder and Director of In Defense of Animals-Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, award-winning author Dr. Sheri Speede has been invited to speak at the world-renowned Explorers Club! Dr. Sheri Speede’s heartfelt journey has been characterized at every turn by unique fortitude and determination. She speaks eloquently, passionately and with humor […]