We Remember You

by Sharon Stone

  In 2001, In Defense of Animals members Judy Jones, Christine Husk, and Ginger Langston came to visit and volunteer at our budding  Hope Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi.  At that time, our Sanctuary Director Doll Stanley had a cruelty case near Louisville where  a woman, because of poor decisions, lost her home and family. She […]


The Long Road to Recovery

by Bob Price

This is Josie. For most of her life, Josie was probably used as a hunting dog, just another tool in a hunter’s cruel bag of tricks. Sadly, when the hunt was over, Josie was left to fend for herself on the side of a lonely gravel road. When rescue workers from In Defense of Animals’ […]


Rescued from Abuse… But Still Fighting for Life

by Bob Price

  Heartworm in dogs is an often lethal affliction. Untreated, spaghetti-like roundworms grow and work their way through the chambers of dogs’ hearts and into the arteries of their lungs, killing the poor victims as their hearts struggle and eventually fail to meet their bodies’ need for blood. Heartworm is a serious and scary affliction, […]


Thirty-one Dogs

by Bob Price

Thirty-one dogs at Hope Animal Sanctuary urgently need medical treatment. Thirty-one beautiful dogs – all of whom we rescued from horrific abuse and neglect – have tested heart-worm-positive.  They require costly emergency treatment to cure them so they can be welcomed into forever homes. There’s Annie Mae, found abandoned and dazed by the side of […]


Fundraising Your Way!

by Bob Price

Fundraising Your Way! With the launch of In Defense of Animals new crowd funding site “Sanctuary Superstars,” you can go from IDA supporter to IDA fundraiser with just a few clicks. We give you all the tools necessary to fundraise for our rescue shelter, Hope Animals Sanctuary; all while hosting events, celebrating occasions, or just […]

Peer-to-Peer-Horse B

Don’t Just Be a Star… Be a Sanctuary Superstar!

by Bob Price

Don’t Just Be a Star… Be a Sanctuary Superstar! “How can I help?” is a question we get asked a lot, and the answer has never been as easy or as fun to answer as right now. We have been busy working behind the scenes to build Sanctuary Superstars, a brand new tool to put […]


Our Hope Animal Sanctuary is Overflowing With Puppies!

by Sharon Stone

  Spring will soon be here and with spring comes and overwhelming amount of puppies and kittens!  Just last week, Sharon Stone, Operations Manager at In Defense of Animals Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi was asked to find homes for five puppies.  The mother dog, who we named Molly, was just one of thousands […]


Dog Survives Horrific Encounter in Trap

by Doll Stanley

  Dog Survives Horrific Encounter in Trap Chester was out for a walk on his property and, not knowing anything of property lines, he wandered into the woods near his home. The next thing he experienced was excruciating pain and terror. Chester had unwittingly stepped into a steel jaw trap. Who knows how long Chester […]