IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary … The Beat Goes On

by Doll Stanley

Today, Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, began like every other busy day at Hope Animal Sanctuary. Lisa, Sarah, and B.J., our new teammate, had their hands full with the care of our precious animals. Danielle, the delicately featured brown bay, is still having a bit of trouble with her right front hoof, but is doing better.  Her […]

Hope Animal Sanctuary Update

by Doll Stanley

This week BJ Martin joined our staff at Hope Animal Sanctuary.  BJ is a vet tech with 15 years experience who has worked with a wide variety of species, including emus.  She will be an invaluable asset to our team. She’s already proven her worth. On Thursday, BJ, Sarah, and I dedicated our day to caring for […]

Goodbyes at IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS)

by Doll Stanley

This is about love, loss, and some of the animals we recently had the privilege of rescuing but who didn’t make it. It’s been a time of genuine sorrow. I know I don’t need to tell you how badly we hurt. Compassion is at the heart of all of us at IDA: staff, volunteers, and supporters. […]

Bringing Hope to Dogs in Charleston

by Doll Stanley

On Wednesday, June 29th, HAS volunteer Sarah Thomas, a vet tech, wildlife rehabilitator, and activist, and I set out to locate three horses in Grenada County, Miss., reported to be starving.  On our way, I got a call from my buddy Kevin Hodges, an animal control officer, water-meter reader, and part-time law enforcer for Charleston, […]

Latest Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary…

by Christy Griffin

The Hope Animal Sanctuary (IDA-HAS) Team has spent the past two months zealously rescuing and caring for abused and abandoned animals in our region.  Celeste, a precious horse for whom the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department solicited help, was unbelievably emaciated when we brought her home.  Her keepers readily surrendered her to our custody when they […]

Glorious Glory

by Doll Stanley

The plight of horses is worsening. Some blame the economy; others say banning horse slaughter in the U.S. meant “owners” who couldn’t sell their horses let them starve. I say it’s both selfishness and ignorance. Horses are being overbred just like other companion animals. Those who think they can make a buck breed and then find out there […]

Another 31 Animals are Spayed & Neutered at Hope Animal Sanctuary!

by Doll Stanley

Thanks to Mississippi State University’s (MSU) student surgery team, Hope Animal Sanctuary was able to spay/neuter 4 cats and 27 dogs this week.  Deedra and Bryce Booker brought the dogs they’re fostering for us , Cindy Shaw brought the dogs Debbie Young is caring for, Arlin Arco brought the Winona Animal Shelter dogs we could […]

Update from Hope Animal Sanctuary Part III – On The Road…

by Doll Stanley

(See Part Two from yesterday for introduction to the folks mentioned below!) Early Monday morning we began loading the animals for transport to our adoption partners. Arlin and Mr. Weed, a member of Winona Animal Advocacy Group (WAAG), brought their dogs, Mike came back with the dogs they fostered and helped load and check supplies […]

More Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary – The Adventure Continues!

by Doll Stanley

We completed our first transport of the new year.  At this moment I can’t recall a more grueling test of my wits, patience, and courage. The day we returned from our Dec. 15th transport, 19 puppies showed up as we were unloading crates, towels, and supplies. No problem, Lisa and Mike Martin said yes to […]

Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary – PART I

by Doll Stanley

We apologize for the no-news span – there was plenty going on here in Mississippi. A quick recap does little justice to the events of the past 6 weeks, but I’ll fill you in a bit and then get into this week’s news. So much has happened. Horses Eric and Roscoe were adopted into a […]