Here’s Stanley Grooming Future

by IDA Africa

  If you’ve never seen nor heard chimpanzees grooming each other up close, here’s 38 seconds of Stanley grooming Future at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, the sanctuary of In Defense of Animals – Africa. These two fifteen-year-olds were both orphaned and taken captive as infants by poachers supplying Cameroon, Africa’s illegal commercial bushmeat trade. They have […]


Meet Our Chimpanzee Champion!

by IDA Africa

  We are excited to announce the Founder and Director of In Defense of Animals-Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, award-winning author Dr. Sheri Speede has been invited to speak at the world-renowned Explorers Club! Dr. Sheri Speede’s heartfelt journey has been characterized at every turn by unique fortitude and determination. She speaks eloquently, passionately and with humor […]


From Agony to Healing

by IDA India

  While the dedicated volunteers of IDA India were catching dogs for its spay/neuter program in the village of Ghanosli recently, they stumbled upon this poor dog in severe pain. The staff from the our main center of Turbhe is trained to keep a sharp look out for any animal in distress as the vans […]


A Watering Pool For Mongooses

by Karin Cereghino

  In the heart of the dry season in Cameroon’s Mbargue Forest, free-living animals can drink the water they need from beautiful little streams that meander through the forest. At In Defense of Animals – Africa’s sanctuary, Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, the resident chimpanzees don’t have access to the streams, but they can drink water from […]


Stolen Swaziland Elephants Begin Life Sentence in 3 U.S. Zoo

by Caroline Saxon

  Swaziland’s “Stolen 18” elephants are now 17, due to the death in December of one of the male bulls, apparently kept secret from the public. These 17 elephants, captured for three U.S. zoos under the guise of “saving” them, have begun serving their life sentences at the Dallas Zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas […]


Our Hope Animal Sanctuary is Overflowing With Puppies!

by Sharon Stone

  Spring will soon be here and with spring comes and overwhelming amount of puppies and kittens!  Just last week, Sharon Stone, Operations Manager at In Defense of Animals Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi was asked to find homes for five puppies.  The mother dog, who we named Molly, was just one of thousands […]