More Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary – The Adventure Continues!

by Doll Stanley

We completed our first transport of the new year.  At this moment I can’t recall a more grueling test of my wits, patience, and courage. The day we returned from our Dec. 15th transport, 19 puppies showed up as we were unloading crates, towels, and supplies. No problem, Lisa and Mike Martin said yes to […]

Updates from Hope Animal Sanctuary – PART I

by Doll Stanley

We apologize for the no-news span – there was plenty going on here in Mississippi. A quick recap does little justice to the events of the past 6 weeks, but I’ll fill you in a bit and then get into this week’s news. So much has happened. Horses Eric and Roscoe were adopted into a […]

70 Dogs & A Cat Given Hope For The Holidays!

by Doll Stanley

It’s so exciting to share the news of the transport finale. Seventy dogs and a cat arrived at our friends at Every Creature Counts in Ft. Lupton, Colo. Over the past year, ECC received nearly a thousand animals from us. Wow! A thousand animals who didn’t die on roads, in the woods, in dismal backyards, in shelters. I’d […]

Hope Animal Sanctuary Saves The Day Again!

by Doll Stanley

On Thursday, November 18, Hope Animal Sanctuary Director Doll Stanley responded to a plea for help from Theresa, a Wyatt, Mississippi resident. Theresa was seeking help for an 86 year old neighbor, John, who had several momma dogs and litters of puppies. John lives in the rusted-out shell of an old school bus and is barely […]

More Hope for the Animals in Mississippi…

by Doll Stanley

Every transport is a challenge. The logistics of an operation that brings together so many people and animals from so many different locations could give UPS a run for their money, and our most recent transport was no different. Hope Animal Sanctuary Director Doll Stanley and volunteer Lisa Martin departed the sanctuary this past Sunday […]

Looking back at a month in Mississippi…

by Doll Stanley

I spent nearly the entire month of October in Mississippi filling in for Doll at Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS). Doll was on much deserved and much needed vacation and they needed an extra pair of hands, so I offered to help. This was not my first time at the Sanctuary, I’ve been down several times […]

Thank You MSU’s Veterinary Program for making Hope Animal Sanctuary’s Spay & Neuter Day a Huge Success!

by Doll Stanley

On Tuesday, October 5 Dr. Bushby and his team of veterinary students and technicians from Mississippi State University (MSU) rolled into Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) with their mobile veterinary clinic for another busy spay/neuter day. On this day the team from MSU would alter six cats and twenty dogs, most of whom were from HAS, […]

Another Day – Another 70 Animals SAVED!

by Doll Stanley

Just a few days ago Doll and volunteer Debbie McCool (awesome real name) transported 65 dogs and 5 cats from IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary to Every Creature Counts in Ft. Lupton, Colorado. This was our second trip to ECC in as many months. The last transport brought nearly 60 dogs to ECC – all but […]

Scotlund’s Latest Notes From The Field

by Webmaster

It never gets less painful to witness the horrific suffering that animal abuse inflicts on the helpless victims – this truth I know, having personally rescued thousands of miserable animals leading excruciating lives during the more than twenty years I have been in the field of animal protection.  I was reminded of this fact again […]