Ten-Year-Old Thanks IDA India with Art and Poetry

by IDA India

  Ten-year-old Aarya Manoharan, a compassionate young artist, created an amazing poster and poetic slogan in recognition of IDA India staff after they had responded to a call from his father, Mr. Manoharan, requesting help for a dog in Nerul who was badly infested with maggots. Aarya, along with his friends, scouts his area regularly […]


Dog Survives Horrific Encounter in Trap

by Doll Stanley

  Dog Survives Horrific Encounter in Trap Chester was out for a walk on his property and, not knowing anything of property lines, he wandered into the woods near his home. The next thing he experienced was excruciating pain and terror. Chester had unwittingly stepped into a steel jaw trap. Who knows how long Chester […]


Tire Pups Rescued and Rehomed

by Debbie Clark

  See Solomon Now! Yet Another “Tire Pup” Rescued and Rehomed Solomon was born in a tractor tire (more common than you’d expect in Mississippi!) and spent the first few weeks of his life there. The tire was littered inside and around with broken beer bottles and other trash, but Solomon’s mom was in desperate […]


Forest Protection in Africa!

by Karin Cereghino

In Defense of Animals – Africa is working with community stakeholders and providing support to government partners in the process of making the Mbargue Forest a protected area. The ultimate goal is to bring eco-guards to curtail the poaching. Many meetings between IDA-Africa, government officials and community leaders finally have led to an agreement on […]

16 puppies-blog

I Need Help With 16 Puppies

by Doll Stanley

  “I need help! There are 16 puppies here!” One Wednesday last month, Sharon Stone, In Defense of Animals Operations Manager at Hope Animal Sanctuary, received a call for help.  Not one, but two dogs had given birth to puppies at the caller’s house, with a grand total of 16 puppies born, and getting big […]


See Bouboule & Karmal Today

by Sheri Speede

  In the winter of 2003, In Defense of Animals – Africa worked closely with friends at Ape Action Africa to finally liberate Bouboule from a small dilapidated cage at a government owned zoo. When Bouboule was a young infant, poachers had slaughtered her family, taken her captive, and sold her to the zoo, where […]


Meet Amigo and Sambe

by Karin Cereghino

At In Defense of Animals – Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, fifteen-year-old Amigo (front) and ten-year-old Sambe (back) have lived together since 2013, and they’ve become very good friends. In their small social group of six (four boys and two girls), Sambe is a smart and kind peacemaker. He supports Amigo (at least for now) and […]


Reward offered for dog abandoned in crate

by Sharon Stone

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sharon Stone,, (662) 466-0906 Images:     $2,500 Reward Offered to Find Cold-Hearted Person Who Dumped Dog on Valentine’s Weekend in Sidon Stricter Animal Protection Laws Urgently Needed Sidon, MS (February 17, 2016) – In Defense of Animals, the international animal protection organization that operates Hope Animal Sanctuary […]


Meet IDA India’s Very Own Dog Whisperer!

by Ryan Murphy

  Pictured is the manager of our Deonar animal rescue center in India, Mr. Krishna Shenoy, with his rapt audience of adoring dogs. Every afternoon, we release the 105 dogs from their kennels to exercise and socialize (not including the dogs in our special blind unit!). Once in a while, Krishna treats them to biscuits […]