When the “Celebration” Ends, the Torture Continues

by Web Team

  Various festivals in Asia prompt an increase in the number of dogs eaten. Sadly, when such “celebrations” end, the torture continues. In South Korea, approximately two million dogs are currently condemned to dog meat farms. They are born into filth, living in barren metal cages and in their own feces. Their paws never touch […]


Help Us End Bok Nal Days

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  Bok Nal or “Dog Days” festivals are held every year in South Korea. These festivals are part of the ritual of dog meat consumption which, among an older generation of consumers, is thought to magically promote health and vitality during the hot summer months. With your help and support, In Defense of Animals is […]

China Cat Meat

Chinese Speak Out Against Cat Meat

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  A “feline house” in Tianjin, China was recently found to be holding more than 200 cats. They were all kept in small cages and bound for the dinner plate. Apparently, neighbors saw cats being transported, but claimed not to know the sinister dealings or the cats’ final destination. Local police, however, were alerted, resulting […]


Penang Kills More Than 3,000 Dogs

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  Rabies Blamed by Malaysian Authorities After two rabies cases were reported on September 17, the Malaysian state of Penang declared a public health crisis. While the “Rabies Vaccination Order 2015″ addressed pet dogs by requiring all to be vaccinated, the stray and homeless dogs of Penang were dealt a much more severe order. They […]


Philippines to launch a nationwide plan to end the dog meat industry!

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  The Philippines’ Department of Agriculture announced that it will move toward ending the “trade of dogs for human consumption” with a new nationwide action plan. The plan involves a variety of governmental and non-profit organizations and includes policy, education and enforcement elements. It is definitely good news and a sign that the tide is […]