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Horrific Hawaiian Bill Deferred

by Haley Anderson

  Would Have Allowing Killing of Stray Cats and Would Criminalize Caretakers Earlier this month, the cats of Hawaii and the people caring for them were targeted by proposed misguided legislation. Senate Bill 2450 would have allowed for the indiscriminate killing of stray cats and would have criminalized individuals working to care and humanely manage […]


Man Beats, Kills and Eats Employer’s Corgi

by Haley Anderson

  A horrifying story out of China last week highlights the brutal end of so many dogs and the heartbreak their families endure when learning their beloved companions have been beaten to death and eaten. Wang, a factory owner in Jiangsu province, bought a Corgi puppy for his daughter last year. Wang brought the dog […]


Suspected Strangling of Mississippi Puppies Outrages Authorities

by Sharon Stone

Sparks Outcry for Tougher Laws On Thursday, February 11, 2016, a woman saw someone toss a plastic bag out of a car window on Old Highway 49 in the McHenry community of Stone County, Mississippi. To her horror, there were six dead puppies inside the bag. One pup had a rope tied around his neck. […]


South Korean Woman Dedicates Life to Rescuing Dogs

by Melissa Flower

  Jung Myoung-sook, a 61-year-old South Korean woman, is not only standing up for dogs, but rescuing them too! Living in the only country where dogs are farmed for their flesh and where dog meat dishes remain on the menu, Jung is still considered “odd” by some. Others, however, herald her as a hero. She […]


Meet IDA India’s Very Own Dog Whisperer!

by Ryan Murphy

  Pictured is the manager of our Deonar animal rescue center in India, Mr. Krishna Shenoy, with his rapt audience of adoring dogs. Every afternoon, we release the 105 dogs from their kennels to exercise and socialize (not including the dogs in our special blind unit!). Once in a while, Krishna treats them to biscuits […]


Effectively Advocate for Animals With Regular Contributions!

by Erica Calderon

  Our monthly donors are the backbone of In Defense of Animals. We rely on a constant and reliable stream of funds from our Animal Advocates program participants in order to rescue and protect animals all over the world who so desperately need our assistance. Here at In Defense of Animals, we have an amazing […]


One Ton of Rotten Meat, Including Dog and Cat Meat Intercepted in Vietnam

by Melissa Flower

One Ton of Rotten Meat, Including Dog and Cat Meat Intercepted in Vietnam A tour bus transporting one ton of rotting flesh was intercepted last week in Vietnam. Along with various animal organs were the bodies of many cats and dogs, five to six crammed into each container. When questioned, the bus driver informed authorities […]


Chinese Millionaire Loses Dog, Begins Fight to Save China’s Dogs

by Melissa Flower

  When his own dog went missing, Wang Yan searched and searched, hoping to be reunited with his beloved companion. In the U.S., such a search would take us to various animal shelters. In China, Yan faced the horrifying reality that his dog may have been taken to be eaten. He went to the local […]


5 People Die After Eating a Dog in Cambodia

by Web Team

  Five people are dead and more than thirty hospitalized after eating dog meat in Cambodia’s Kratie province. According to reports, a neighborhood dog died of “mysterious” causes. Chea Rath, a 76-year-old man in the same village, then purchased the dog from his neighbor and proceeded to serve the dog meat as barbecue for friends […]


When the “Celebration” Ends, the Torture Continues

by Web Team

  Various festivals in Asia prompt an increase in the number of dogs eaten. Sadly, when such “celebrations” end, the torture continues. In South Korea, approximately two million dogs are currently condemned to dog meat farms. They are born into filth, living in barren metal cages and in their own feces. Their paws never touch […]