Animals Are Our Neighbors and Companions

by Doll Stanley

In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign- has begun a series of presentations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta. The first presentation, on June 22nd, reached 60 boys and girls attending the Boys and Girls Club of Lexington, Mississippi. The presentation to the children included information on caring for their […]


Another Life Saved by IDA!

by Bob Price

  When we received a call about a tiny puppy caught in a roadside culvert, the rescue team at In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary sprang into action. It did not matter that it was late at night or that it was many miles away. When the call came, it was answered. Today, that […]


Little Kit Was Saved!

by Bob Price

  At In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary, saving animals is what we do 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and little Kit is the most recent shining example of a life saved by your generosity. Late on a recent hot and humid Saturday evening, the call came in that a small […]


Rescued from Abuse… But Still Fighting for Life

by Bob Price

  Heartworm in dogs is an often lethal affliction. Untreated, spaghetti-like roundworms grow and work their way through the chambers of dogs’ hearts and into the arteries of their lungs, killing the poor victims as their hearts struggle and eventually fail to meet their bodies’ need for blood. Heartworm is a serious and scary affliction, […]


Thirty-one Dogs

by Bob Price

Thirty-one dogs at Hope Animal Sanctuary urgently need medical treatment. Thirty-one beautiful dogs – all of whom we rescued from horrific abuse and neglect – have tested heart-worm-positive.  They require costly emergency treatment to cure them so they can be welcomed into forever homes. There’s Annie Mae, found abandoned and dazed by the side of […]


A Guardian Angel for Choti

by IDA India

  “Choti” (meaning ‘small’ in Hindi) lives close to our In Defense of Animals India Deonar Center in Mumbai. Her closest friend in the world is a Municipal Corporation worker who is hearing disabled and rarely talks. As he sweeps the grimy streets, he keeps an eye out for his four-legged friends on the street. […]

Will Tuttle Blog

A Paradigm Shift

by Elliot Katz, DVM

  As some of you may know, quite some years ago, with many of IDA’s life saving victories and accomplishments behind us, and with so very much more challenges in front of us, and lives to save, we realized that unless we began to challenge and attempt to end the root cause of the widespread […]

Guardian Blog

Guardian Campaign Update

by Lisa Levinson

  For those of you who were able to attend the recently held National Animal Rights Conference, of which IDA was a major sponsor, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and were energized by the camaraderie you experienced. You may have noticed that we created a new Guardian Campaign flyer for people who were new to […]


Devoted Guardians

by Bob Price

  People all over the world are devoted to their animal companions and spare no expense when it comes to their care. As such, people of all economic backgrounds make wonderful caregivers for adoptable animals every day. Pictured here is Prince, aptly named by his adopted family. Prince’s guardians do not have much money themselves, […]