Vancouver Aquarium: Get Out of the Beluga Captivity Business!

by Laura Bridgeman

Tragedy is “business as usual” for the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, Canada, a facility whose business is based on exploiting whales and dolphins by keeping them in captivity. The tragedy was magnified yesterday, with the death of a 29-year-old female beluga whale named Aurora, and her 21-year-old daughter Qila last Wednesday. Her death has prompted […]


Mother and Daughter Die at Vancouver Aquarium

by Fleur Dawes

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER DIE AT VANCOUVER AQUARIUM More Misery at Second Worst Aquarium in Canada CONTACT: Fleur Dawes,, +44 (0) 751-582-1141; Toni Frohoff, Ph.D.,, (805) 836-0496 IMAGES: VIDEO: (all calves and mothers since dead) Vancouver, Canada (November 26, 2016) – Aurora, 29, witnessed the death of her daughter, Qila, 21, at Vancouver Aquarium […]


39 Days of Rescue – Lolita

by Bob Price

  I’m Lolita! Hi! I’m Lolita, an orca kidnapped from my wild family in 1970. I’m held at the Miami Seaquarium in a tiny concrete tank, mostly alone. There’s a huge platform in the middle of my tank, making my living space even smaller. But, thanks to awareness-raising efforts by In Defense of Animals and […]


Orca Whales Won’t Be Celebrating at SeaWorld

by Will Anderson

  SeaWorld refuses to release twenty four orca whales held captive  in marine parks across three states to seaside pens. Instead, SeaWorld has decided to remodel the areas surrounding and above the confinement tanks in San Diego’s park as if this superficial makeover would in any way make a difference to these whales or an […]


Important Outcomes of International Whaling Commission Meetings

by Laura Bridgeman

    The International Whaling Commission (IWC) meetings in Slovenia wrapped up on Monday. There were some good outcomes for the whales, and some missed (or intentionally blocked) opportunities. As always, whaling nations such as Japan, Iceland and Norway effectively stalled efforts to protect whales so that they can continue to turn whale bodies into […]


Barcelona Considers Freeing Dolphins From Captivity

by Fleur Dawes

BARCELONA CONSIDERS FREEING DOLPHINS FROM CAPTIVITY 30,000 PEOPLE URGE CITY-WIDE DOLPHIN BAN IN DECEMBER Contact: Toni Frohoff, Ph.D.,, (805) 836-0496 Fleur Dawes,, (415) 448-0048 Images: Barcelona, Spain (October 27, 2016) – In Defense of Animals has joined an international coalition urging the city of Barcelona, Spain, to ban dolphin captivity, and retire […]


Whale Sanctuary Plan Demolished by Japan and Other Whaling Nations

by Dave Wise

  The proposed South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary (SAWS) could have finally become a reality this year, if it weren’t for certain nations that insist upon killing these highly intelligent marine mammals. The proposal, which was discussed at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Slovenia, would have seen the creation of a vast sanctuary between […]


Barcelona Considers Closing Dolphinarium and Retiring Dolphins

by Laura Bridgeman

Barcelona, Spain could soon become a global leader and champion for dolphin well-being. International experts and people around the world are watching closely as the city grapples with the question of whether to expand or shut down its dolphinarium. The dolphinarium, located within the Barcelona Zoo, currently holds four dolphins, with two having recently been […]


Tell FedEx To Stop Shipping Dolphins!

by Caroline Saxon

  Last week, activists from Animal Rights Hawaii videoed FedEx employees packing up three live dolphins into transport boxes. The shipping destination? The Arizona desert, where Dolphinaris, a new swim-with-dolphin facility, will be opening soon.  Dolphins don’t belong in boxes, and they don’t belong in the desert. Tell FedEx to stop shipping wild animals unless […]