Barcelona Considers Closing Dolphinarium and Retiring Dolphins

by Laura Bridgeman

Barcelona, Spain could soon become a global leader and champion for dolphin well-being. International experts and people around the world are watching closely as the city grapples with the question of whether to expand or shut down its dolphinarium. The dolphinarium, located within the Barcelona Zoo, currently holds four dolphins, with two having recently been […]


Tell FedEx To Stop Shipping Dolphins!

by Caroline Saxon

  Last week, activists from Animal Rights Hawaii videoed FedEx employees packing up three live dolphins into transport boxes. The shipping destination? The Arizona desert, where Dolphinaris, a new swim-with-dolphin facility, will be opening soon.  Dolphins don’t belong in boxes, and they don’t belong in the desert. Tell FedEx to stop shipping wild animals unless […]


How You Can Prevent Mass Extinctions

by Will Anderson

  It seems like it’s almost every day we are reminded that humanity is causing extinctions of other species at an accelerating rate. It can feel like an overwhelming problem, but we have the power to help prevent mass extinction. Here’s how. Researchers recently published a study that found, “Larger marine animals [are] at higher […]


20 Dolphins Killed During First Slaughter of 2016 in Taiji

by Laura Bridgeman

The bloody dolphin hunting season in has begun again in Taiji, Japan. September 9 saw the first slaughter of the season, which lasts every year from September to March. An estimated 20 dolphins were killed after they attempted to escape their tormentors, who corralled them with speedboats into a cove made infamous by the Oscar […]


Stop Hawaii Dolphin Harassment

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

Along Hawaii’s beautiful coastline, trouble is brewing for dolphins. Ann Garrett of the National Marine Fisheries Service recently appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition show to raise the flag on harm being done to dolphins by Hawaiian tour operators. Relentless intrusions of fleets of sightseeing boats and swim-with-the-dolphins tours have been significantly impacting the dolphins’ ability […]


Victory in California for Orcas!

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Tuesday was a historic day for orcas in the wild and captivity: Governor Jerry Brown has signed the California Orca Protection Act, an act designed to see the eventual phase-out of orca captivity in California. The bill, originally introduced by Assemblymember Richard Bloom in 2014 and reintroduced last spring after undergoing several changes, represents […]


California Campaigners Welcome Orca Protection Act

by Fleur Dawes

CALIFORNIA CAMPAIGNERS WELCOME ORCA PROTECTION ACT CONTACT: Toni Frohoff, Ph.D.,, (805) 836-0496 IMAGE: Sacramento, CA (September 13, 2016) – In Defense of Animals is celebrating a historic achievement for orcas in the wild and captivity: Governor Jerry Brown has signed the California Orca Protection Act, legislation designed to see the eventual phase-out of orca […]


Tell Jerry Brown To Sign Orca Protection Act!

by Laura Bridgeman

The California Orca Protection Act is on its way to Governor Jerry Brown’s office, and he needs your encouragement to sign the bill! The act would ensure that no facility in California could ever breed an orca again. Earlier this year, SeaWorld pledged to stop its breeding program in light of public opposition – but […]


Humpback Whales to the Rescue!

by Laura Bridgeman

A new study seems to suggest that humpback whales act altruistically, as they put themselves potentially in harm’s way in order to save other individuals from attacking orcas. Perhaps the most striking feature of this behavior is that humpbacks come to the aid of entirely different species. Back in 2009, marine ecologist Robert Pitman, who […]