UN-FAIR: Stop Abusing Rabbits for Fun

by Doll Stanley

  Each August, the Tippah County Fair in Mississippi holds a “Farm Animal Scramble,” during which rabbits, chickens, pigs, goats and calves are released into an arena and small children are encouraged to chase them down and catch them. The rabbits are pursued by young children aged four and under – an age where most […]


Boknal Days: This Brutality Must End

by Web Team

  The purpose of this article is not to detract attention from the horrors of the Boknal Days, but rather to address and reflect on the primary defense the leaders of this festival point to — the treatment of farmed animals in the west. Crammed into cages, callously abused, brutally killed — the ongoing cruelty […]


Real Life Activist Challenges

by Lisa Levinson

  Caring for animals sometimes puts us at odds with mainstream society. Making life choices that differ from others, actively promoting kindness and respect for nonhuman animals, speaking up against animal abuse, and debunking myths about other animals are all part of walking the path of compassion for all animals. Almost everyone who chooses to […]