Orcas begging for food.

Captive Orca Update

by Melissa Gonzalez

SeaWorld’s Excuses for Orca Entertainment Are a Complete Flop Earlier this month, IDA attended a roundtable discussion in San Diego where SeaWorld defended their captive orca programs and attempted to regain public trust. SeaWorld has been under fire ever since Tillikum, an adult male orca, killed a third person and the movie, Blackfish, heavily promoted […]


Join IDA to Protest Ringling Bros. Circus’ Abuse of Elephants

by Melissa Gonzalez

The tide is turning against businesses that seek to profit from animal suffering, like Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, whose business model and brand are entrenched with abuse and exploitation of animals. In Ringling’s case, beating, abusing, and intimidating elephants is of paramount importance because it’s the only way elephants will perform the […]


Pit Bull Injustice

by Robin Dorman

When photographer Lynn Terry aimed her camera at two pit bulls in a photo booth, a kind of mesmerizing magic happened. Gleeful entertainers Willis and Bumper were facing the camera, when Bumper, with his impressive tongue hanging out, turned to kiss Willis, and then turned to face the camera, both dogs wearing ridiculously clownish grins. […]