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Death by Discrimination: Justice for Oliver!

by Lisa Levinson

  Two cat rescue groups, Community Cats Coalition and Alley Cats Allies, advocated vehemently to save a community cat named Oliver, who Worcester County Animal Control assumed prejudicially and without evidence to be infected with rabies. People united in their effort to save Oliver’s life offered to quarantine him to determine if he actually presented […]

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IHOP – We Want Cruelty-free Pancakes!

by Shura Hammond

  Here’s Your Chance to Request Positive Changes for Animals! What if we told you that you could have all the pancakes you want with none of the animal suffering? Large businesses have been responding to the huge increase in demand for delicious, animal-friendly vegan food and drinks. This is great news for animals, since […]


Rabbits and Other Animals Harmed at Tippah “Farm Animal Scramble”

by Doll Stanley

  We were deeply grateful for the outpouring of compassion by you, In Defense of Animals’ amazing supporters, who took action for the rabbits abused during Tippah County Fair’s cruel “Rabbit Scramble.” Shocking images and video of children holding rabbits by the ears, necks, legs, and in any manner they could grip them moved nearly […]