Prosecute Cop’s Wife Who Cut Up Puppy

by Doll Stanley

  Brandy Gidden, the wife of Jackson, Mississippi police officer Rahn Gidden, posted pictures of a pit bull puppy she hoped to sell with bloody, mutilated ears. The puppy, who looked to be 6-8 weeks old, had bloody ears because he was the victim of a painful home “cropping.” The photos were posted on a […]


Stop Winter Park from Starving Cats

by Lisa Levinson

  Cat advocates in Winter Park, Florida are outraged that City Commissioners adopted a temporary ordinance to prohibit the feeding of community cats in Mead Botanical Garden. Some of the cats are sterilized and some are not. Residents of Winter Park, like In Defense of Animals supporter Trudy McNair, are shocked and horrified by the […]


Take Action: Say No to Flawed “Humane” Labeling System

by Nadia Schilling

  New rules proposed by the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service  (FSIS), would allow meat producers to use slogans like “Raised With Care” or “Humanely Raised” simply by making up whatever they want and submitting their own definitions! Even worse, they will maintain the right to use those labels by self regulating! In a […]


Barcelona Considers Closing Dolphinarium and Retiring Dolphins

by Laura Bridgeman

Barcelona, Spain could soon become a global leader and champion for dolphin well-being. International experts and people around the world are watching closely as the city grapples with the question of whether to expand or shut down its dolphinarium. The dolphinarium, located within the Barcelona Zoo, currently holds four dolphins, with two having recently been […]