Nevada Laws Fail to Protect Exotic Species

by Doll Stanley

  In November, Nevada state authorities responded to two exotic animal abuse cases that beg the question, “Why does Nevada have the least amount of protection for “exotic,” non-native animals than any other state?” Well, it’s high time for that to change! On November 7, 2016, a woman fleeing charges of child endangerment in Harris […]


We Honor Courtney Kathleen Jones Aman

by Heather Herrell

  In Defense of Animals is honored to celebrate the life and legacy of a compassionate and generous soul. Born in 1952, Courtney Kathleen Jones Aman always had a special place in her heart for animals. She lived a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle and dedicated more than four decades of her life to advocating for the […]


39 Days of Rescue – Rudy

by Bob Price

  I’m Rudy! I’m sad to say that there is something wrong with my heart. It’s probably because no one cared for me while I was caged with dozens of my friends and siblings while we waited for days on end without food or water. Nice people from In Defense of Animals rescued me from […]


39 Days of Rescue – Goldie

by Bob Price

I’m Goldie! I was living my entire life at the end of a short chain in a back yard where no one ever came and talked to me or played with me. Sometimes the people who tied me to the end of that chain would even forget to feed me. One day, I managed to […]


39 Days of Rescue – Lily

by Bob Price

  I’m Lily! Hi. My name is Lily. I was born through the callousness of a back yard breeder who neglected me and my siblings. My biological mom got hit and killed by a car. I was rescued by two women who took us in when they saw how we were being treated. They planned to keep me but […]


Vancouver Aquarium: Get Out of the Beluga Captivity Business!

by Laura Bridgeman

Tragedy is “business as usual” for the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, Canada, a facility whose business is based on exploiting whales and dolphins by keeping them in captivity. The tragedy was magnified yesterday, with the death of a 29-year-old female beluga whale named Aurora, and her 21-year-old daughter Qila last Wednesday. Her death has prompted […]


39 Days of Rescue – Paul

by Bob Price

  I’m Paul! Hi! I’m Paul. I was just a baby when rescuers working with In Defense of Animals saved me. They took me away from the scary place that killed dogs like me for meat. My rescuers have decided to nickname me ‘Lover Boy’ because I can’t stop giving them millions of kisses. It’s […]


39 Days of Rescue – Surprise

by Bob Price

  I’m Surprise! Hi! My name is Surprise. They call me Surprise because no one was ever expecting me. My mom was abandoned in a rural neighborhood where she wandered around going up to houses only to be turned away. Some people were angry for no reason and even threw stuff at her. She was […]


39 Days of Rescue – Jake

by Bob Price

  I’m Jake! Hi, my name is Jake. I lived with the same family for 8 years and then my papa guardian suddenly passed away. My mama guardian felt like she could not care for me anymore so she called In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary and asked the people there  if I could […]