Horrifying Dog Meat Trade in Paradise

by Web Team

  Beyond Indonesia’s Tropical Paradises Lurks Torture and Death for Dogs As a premiere holiday destination, Indonesia conjures up images of white sand beaches, turquoise waters and all the other elements that make a tropical paradise. Beyond the surface, however, lurks a dark side of rampant animal cruelty and a widespread dog meat trade. The […]


Success in The Arctic

by Lisa Couper

  Obama Administration Revokes Drilling Leases Now Let’s Protect the Gulf and the Atlantic In a momentous reversal for the future of Alaskan offshore drilling, the Obama administration recently announced its cancellation of two oil lease sales and further denied lease extensions for oil exploration. The two cancelled sales involve the Chukchi Sea and the […]


Penang Kills More Than 3,000 Dogs

by Web Team

  Rabies Blamed by Malaysian Authorities After two rabies cases were reported on September 17, the Malaysian state of Penang declared a public health crisis. While the “Rabies Vaccination Order 2015″ addressed pet dogs by requiring all to be vaccinated, the stray and homeless dogs of Penang were dealt a much more severe order. They […]


Politics Over Science

by Ryan Murphy

  Startling Findings at USFWS A recent survey done by the Union of Concerned Scientists of 7,000 scientists from four government agencies have unveiled some startling findings. Perhaps the most startling finding of all is of the surveys done by scientists at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Within the FWS, survey results indicated that […]


Vegan Company Under Attack

by Mark Molloy

  Fight back! Very, very troubling news broke a few weeks ago that taxpayer funded government organizations have been waging an illegal war against a plant based food producer. The food producer in question is Hampton Creek. As recently as August 5, 2015, the World Economic Forum named Hampton Creek a Technological Pioneer, an honor […]

Wildlife Crossing Blog

Take Action: Support Wildlife Crossings

by Mark Molloy

Take Action: Support Wildlife Crossings Sign Our One Click Letter Today-Open to Worldwide Participation Urge the U.S. Department of Transportation to support a wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon in California Habitat fragmentation — the division of large, continuous habitats into smaller, isolated patches — is one of the principle threats to species across the planet. […]


A Big Victory for Bees

by Ryan Murphy

  Recent Court Rulings Show Promise for the Future of Banning Harmful Pesticides Earlier this month, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit cancelled the approval of a neonicotinoid subclass group called Sulfoxaflor. The ruling of this case is a big victory for bees as the pesticide Sulfoxaflur has shown that exposure […]