Save Wolf Pups from Aerial Gunning

by Web Team

  The state of Washington is gunning down and wiping out one of its native wolf packs in the Northeast. There are only roughly 100 wolves remaining in the entire state. Pups and adults alike are being killed indiscriminately to line the pockets of a select few, at public expense. Speak up now to stop […]


Tell Bloomberg News Why You Don’t Consume Dairy

by Nadia Schilling

  Across the globe, media reports on the dreadful abuse of farmed animals, health concerns related to the consumption of animal products, and the huge environmental costs of animal agriculture are growing by the day, but rarely do media reports present a full view. Recently, international news leader Bloomberg, with a global circulation of almost […]


UPDATE on BLM’s Plans to Kill and Experiment on Wild Horses

by Clare Read

  Last week, U.S. government agency, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), finally backed down on its gruesome and dangerous plan to conduct sterilization experiments on over 200 wild mares at a facility in Hines, Oregon. It would have been a great victory for the horses and all the caring people like you who acted […]


Save a Life Today!

by Erica Calderon

  Here at In Defense of Animals, we take pride in how many animals we have rescued and found homes for, as well as those who live at Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) in Mississippi. While we are always busy saving dogs right here in Mississippi, we also recently saved five otherwise doomed dogs, Valencia, Billy, […]


Lucky Dog Meat Survivor Finds a New Home

by Erica Calderon

  Here at In Defense of Animals, we are so pleased that so many members have made generous donations to support our rescue of five dogs who were saved from the brink of death for dog meat – the Slaughterhouse Five. Thanks to your support, we were able to save an additional two dogs after […]


Support the Slaughterhouse Five!

by Erica Calderon

  As you may know, IDA rescued five dogs from being slaughtered in South Korea this past June. Valencia, Billy, Barbara, Paul, and Kurt have escaped an awful life on death row in South Korea and are now safe at Hope Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi until they find their forever homes. The cots to bring […]


Stop Hawaii Dolphin Harassment

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

Along Hawaii’s beautiful coastline, trouble is brewing for dolphins. Ann Garrett of the National Marine Fisheries Service recently appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition show to raise the flag on harm being done to dolphins by Hawaiian tour operators. Relentless intrusions of fleets of sightseeing boats and swim-with-the-dolphins tours have been significantly impacting the dolphins’ ability […]


Take Action to STOP the Wild Horse Wipeout!

by Web Team

  The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro advisory board has recommended that the BLM kill over 44,000 wild horses currently in holding facilities across the U.S. We cannot let that happen. Please act urgently to ensure the biggest horse slaughter in history does not go ahead. The BLM has mis-managed public […]


Punish Football Player Who Violently Beat Dog on Snapchat

by Doll Stanley

  Another “role model” has shocked the nation with his brutality and failed an upcoming generation in Waco, Texas. A disturbing video recently surfaced on social media showing a Baylor University football player repeatedly whipping his dog with a belt, kicking and stomping on him. His superiors have failed to meet his abhorrent behavior with […]


Consider Joining Animal Advocates Today

by Erica Calderon

We Never Give Up, Thanks to You! We are beyond ecstatic with how many members have signed up for our monthly giving program, Animal Advocates. Thank you! If you have not yet signed up, please consider joining to our impressive team of Animal Advocates who help us every day to protect, rescue and advocate for […]