Bow Hunter Blog

Revoke License of Cruel Veterinarian

by Tiphani Davis

  In April, Texan Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey, DVM, posted a picture on her Facebook page of herself with a cat. The much loved housecat, Tiger, who had lived next door up until that point, however, was dead from an arrow through his head, and the veterinarian was holding the other end of the arrow and […]

Horse Blog

Keep U.S. Horses SAFE

by Rhona Melsky

  Stop Horses From Being Shipped to Slaughter! As living, breathing, sentient beings with interests and lives of their own, all animals have the right to exist and thrive without exploitation and early death. As such, it is extremely disturbing that we have to fight to keep yet another animal off the menu in the […]

Dog Meat Blog

Boknal Days Are Here Again!

by Stephanie Hillman

  Another Torturous Summer “Festival” is Underway The atrocities of China’s Yulin “festival” are still fresh in our minds as yet another similar “festival” is happening right now! South Korea’s Boknal Days are “festivities” that specifically revolve around eating dogs. During the presumed three hottest days of the summer, this year July 13th, 23rd and […]


Costco Egg Cruelty

by Jessica Beaudry

  Eight years after cage-free statement, Costco continues supporting cruelty A recent HSUS investigation exposed hellish living conditions inside one of Costco’s egg supplier’s facilities. Costco stands as one of the world’s largest grocery retailers. In 2007, the retailer publicly stated its support for completely eliminating the use of cruel battery cages and expecting cage-free […]

GooseWatchNYC Blog

Canada Geese Massacred in NYC

by Jessica Beaudry

End the Yearly Roundup and Killing of NYC Canada Geese Every summer, Canada geese in New York City are savagely and unnecessarily killed by USDA Wildlife Services. Adult geese and their terrified goslings continue to be rounded up, roughly handled while shoved into turkey crates, and forced to endure stifling hot car or truck rides […]

PC Act Blog

New Bill Would Require Animal Testing

by Jessica Beaudry

  As concern and disapproval over animal testing continues to grow worldwide, new legislation introduced into Congress proposes taking a step back from progress, requiring animal testing of cosmetics in the U.S. Introduced by California Senator Dianne Feinstein, and co-sponsored by Maine Senator Susan Collins, The Personal Care Products Safety Act (S. 1014) serves to […]


Please Help Elephants Today

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Thanks to the generous support and activism of individuals across the country, this has been a historic week for elephants suffering in circuses and zoos. This past week saw hundreds of individuals from over thirty countries around the world standing in solidarity in demonstrations both virtual and in the real-world. Over 1500 people participated […]


Deadly Pesticide Driving Bees to Extinction

by Jessica Beaudry

  Neonicotinoids are inflicting mass suffering and death on honeybees worldwide. Honeybees are still suffering and dying at an alarming and unsustainable rate, and at a rate deemed “too high for their long-term survival” according to a study published last year. Furthermore, a Harvard study released the same month points specifically to the neonictinoids group […]