Horse Alert Blog

Arizona’s Salt River Wild Horses Are Safe

by Rhona Melsky

  Please Thank U.S. Forest Service Earlier this month, the Salt River Wild Horses of Arizona were in danger of being wiped off the face of the earth, along with their new born foals, one of whom was born very recently. The horses live in the Tonto National Forest on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, […]

Feral Cat Blog

End Australia’s Feral Cat Massacre

by Jessica Beaudry

  Oppose the government’s killing initiative and support humane alternatives The Australian government has announced its plans to systematically kill 2 million feral cats by the year 2020. This heartless decision came in response to the country’s supposed increasing feral cat population and its decreasing native species populations. Australia’s killing campaign, lead by Australian Environment […]


Justice For Cecil and Help for All Lions

by Anja Heister

  Last month, Cecil, the iconic and beloved male African lion, was murdered by Walter J. Palmer, a Minnesota-based dentist, and member of the Safari Club International (SCI), one of the most atrocious trophy hunting clubs. SCI awards its membership for killing the largest and rarest wild animals such as African lions, elephants, leopards and […]


Join Us for World Elephant Day

by Lindsay Morgan

  Happening on Wednesday, August 12 Worldwide! World Elephant Day created this special occasion to bring attention to the worsening plight of elephants in the wild. Poaching, habitat loss and human-elephant conflict are just some of the issues threatening the world’s elephants. World Elephant Day’s aim is to raise awareness about these issues and encourage […]

Elephant Blog

Thank You on Behalf of Elephants!

by Lindsay Morgan

Great News for African Elephants – Thanks to President Obama! President Obama’s recent visit to Kenya proved to be extremely beneficial for African elephants. We recently encouraged our supporters to contact President Obama to urge him to propose a rule to end the ivory trade in the United States and we thank you for taking action. […]

Bow Hunter Blog

Revoke License of Cruel Veterinarian

by Tiphani Davis

  In April, Texan Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey, DVM, posted a picture on her Facebook page of herself with a cat. The much loved housecat, Tiger, who had lived next door up until that point, however, was dead from an arrow through his head, and the veterinarian was holding the other end of the arrow and […]

Horse Blog

Keep U.S. Horses SAFE

by Rhona Melsky

  Stop Horses From Being Shipped to Slaughter! As living, breathing, sentient beings with interests and lives of their own, all animals have the right to exist and thrive without exploitation and early death. As such, it is extremely disturbing that we have to fight to keep yet another animal off the menu in the […]

Dog Meat Blog

Boknal Days Are Here Again!

by Stephanie Hillman

  Another Torturous Summer “Festival” is Underway The atrocities of China’s Yulin “festival” are still fresh in our minds as yet another similar “festival” is happening right now! South Korea’s Boknal Days are “festivities” that specifically revolve around eating dogs. During the presumed three hottest days of the summer, this year July 13th, 23rd and […]