Glorious Glory

by Doll Stanley

The plight of horses is worsening. Some blame the economy; others say banning horse slaughter in the U.S. meant “owners” who couldn’t sell their horses let them starve. I say it’s both selfishness and ignorance. Horses are being overbred just like other companion animals. Those who think they can make a buck breed and then find out there […]

Tradition is No Excuse for Cruelty!

by Barbara Stagno

Of all the useless arguments I’ve heard to defend the carriage horse industry, none is more maddening than the argument of “tradition.” How can anyone think that honoring a tradition can be more important than basic compassion? Don’t get me wrong. Traditions are important. They give us a feeling of security and connect us to […]

Wild Horse Roundups Resume; Horses and Foals Die in Summer Heat and Arid Conditions

by Nicole Meyer

Despite tremendous public opposition and legal actions the Department of Interior is moving forward with the ill-conceived plan to remove more than 6,000 wild horses and burros from our public lands by October 2010. The Obama Administration’s policy has proven to be both deadly and devastating for wild horses. The Calico Complex roundup, which IDA […]


by Nicole Meyer

On May 24, 2010, In Defense of Animals (IDA) announced that U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman dismissed our lawsuit to stop the Calico Mountain Complex wild horse roundup on a legal technicality. As you may recall, IDA, joined by renowned ecologist Craig Downer and noted children’s author Terri Farley, filed a lawsuit against Interior […]

Solution To Return Calico Wild Horses To Range: What Will BLM Do?

by Nicole Meyer

We urge you to watch a Vanity Fair video news story that outlines the plight and opportunities now facing the Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse program. This piece puts into perspective theBLM’s position on the wild horse program, IDA’s litigation to stop the roundup of the 1,922 Calico wild horses, and an overview of […]