Three Nashville Zoo Elephants win their Freedom!

by Caroline Saxon

  Three female African elephants who have lived most of their lives in the confines of the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere in Tennessee have just won back their freedom, and with it, the power to make their own decisions. The well known Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary welcomes Hadari, 33, Sukari, 31, and Rosie, 44, to their […]

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Triple Hitter Fur Free Friday in Los Angeles

by Lisa Levinson

Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Glendale on Friday, November 27 Join IDA, PeTA, Last Chance for Animals, Direct Action Everywhere, and Animal Defenders International for three consecutive Fur-Free Friday protests at malls and shopping areas all over Los Angeles this year. Let’s turn Black Friday into Fur-Free Friday, the Biggest Vegan Shopping Day! Please encourage everyone […]


Fur Farming Ruled to End in the Netherlands by 2024

by Ryan Murphy

  On November 10, 2015, the Dutch court ruled in favor of a country wide fur farming ban which was previously overturned in 2014. This is a great success story for mink in the future because nearly six million mink are killed every year in the Netherlands alone. However, heartless fur farmers are still unwilling […]


62 Zimbabwe Elephants Poisoned with Cyanide – and then Butchered for their Tusks

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  At least 62 elephants, including babies, were brutally murdered by being poisoned with cyanide in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. At first it was assumed that poachers were responsible, but as this horror story continues to unfold, a top police assistant commissioner and other officials, are now suspect. A “huge and powerful poaching syndicate” […]


Great News For Wildlife From the State of Washington!

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

Washington residents vote to protect wildlife with the passage of ‘Washington Animal Trafficking Initiative’ Earlier this week, Initiative 1401 won in every county in Washington, with a statewide lead of 71 to 29 percent to protect wildlife from illegal trafficking. The measure will “prohibit the purchase, sale, and distribution of products made from a list […]


3 US Zoos About to Import 18 Swaziland Elephants

by Caroline Saxon

Act Now to Stop Them IDA joins with 75 leading scientists, conservationists, elephant welfare experts and policy makers, united in opposition and outrage at the proposed import of 18 elephants from Swaziland destined for 3 US zoos. Dallas Zoo in Texas, Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska, and Sedgewick County Zoo in Kansas have import permits […]


Portland Premiere of “From Suffering to Satori”

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

**Oregon Residents** Join Us for the Portland Premiere of “From Suffering to Satori” A Benefit for Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants (FOZE) Come to a special film event to support captive animals. Seven years in the making, “From Suffering to Satori” chronicles one woman’s journey from ignorance to awareness about the plight of elephants and […]


U.S. Zoos Want to Import Wild Elephants from Swaziland

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Join The Rumble! We recently announced that three U.S. zoos are trying to import 18 wild elephants from Swaziland, a small, monarchy-run kingdom in Southern Africa. U.S. zoos are once again raiding the wild for elephants to put on display. The Dallas Zoo in Texas, Omaha Zoo in Nebraska, and Sedgwick County Zoo in […]