January 7th, 2010 by Nicole Meyer

A wild horse in Utah saved . . . for now

A wild horse in Utah saved . . . for now

This just in: The BLM has postponed the roundup of 200 horses living in the Confusion Mountains in Utah, after the agency and the Obama Administration received thousands of emails from IDA supporters yesterday. Here’s the scoop, from IDA’s Director of Research, Eric Kleiman:

    This afternoon, I spoke with Eric Reid, the Wild Horse and Burro specialist at the BLM’s Filmore, Utah field office. He confirmed that the Confusions roundup had been postponed; said he had just received an email today from the Washington office that handles the gather schedule, saying it is being removed from the schedule.

The BLM had planned to conduct this roundup without public comment and no documentation to document the capture. Further, BLM failed to do any current environmental assessment of the impacts of the action, which would have left behind only 70-100 horses in the 235,000-acres public land complex.

Eric continues:

    Reid said that the BLM would now be doing an Environmental Assessment and would now be giving the public the opportunity to comment.  He expects the EA to be posted around May 2010. The May EA will include updated census information and other unspecified new data.
    He said that once he receives clearance, there will be a brief blurb on the Utah BLM site regarding reasons why the roundup was postponed.  He said the postponement should be reflected in an updated national roundup schedule but he didn’t know where on the BLM site that was.

Clearly our letters, calls and emails are having a difference! The Utah horses have been spared . . . at least for now, giving us more time to organize. The more we shine the public spotlight on the BLM’s actions, the less this agency can get away with business as usual.
Let’s keep it up!

Other updates:

Wendy Mallick joins protesters in L.A.

Wendy Mallick joins protesters in L.A.

Protesters line street in Los Angeles

An estimated 120 people took to the streets of Los Angeles yesterday to defend America’s wild horses and call on Senator Diane Feinstein for help in saving these icons of the West. The colorful rally featuring actor Wendy Malick, IDA, The Cloud Foundation, Return to Freedom and other members of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign coalition, helped draw attention to the plight of the wild horses of the Calico Mountain Complex in Nevada, who are currently under siege by the BLM.

The event is just one of many being organized across the country, demonstrating the growing outrage of American citizens over the Obama Administration’s assault on wild horses.  We must keep up the pressure and not waste a moment in our fight to help the wild horses.

Calico update

As of yesterday, the BLM has captured 424 Calico horses, well on their way to the goal of permanently removing 2,500 of these beautiful animals from their homes in the Calico Mountains Complex.
For more info on the Calico horses see this new video by Humanity through Education :