In Defense of Animals is Aiding Seventeen Starving Horses in Yalobusha County

February 19th, 2014 by Eric Phelps


In Defense of Animals is Aiding Seventeen Starving Horses in Yalobusha County

Grenada, Miss. (February 19, 2014) – In Defense of Animals (IDA), the international animal protection organization that operates Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi, is seeking aid with its effort to save a herd of seventeen starving Yalobusha County horses. IDA learned the herd numbered twenty-six at the beginning of the year. Several skeletons and carcasses now litter the pasture – some appearing to have been dragged away in an attempt to conceal them.

Since their discovery IDA has been supplying the horses with quality hay. They are in need of veterinary assessment and will have grain introduced into their diet under close supervision. IDA’s partnership with law enforcement to help neglected, abused, and abandoned animals has kept Hope Animal Sanctuary at capacity and over budget for months. Other regional rescues are experiencing similar circumstances.

“We have to reach out to the public at this point. No rescue group we know of is in a position to take in seventeen very needy horses,” said Doll Stanley, director of Hope Animal Sanctuary. “The number of calls we are receiving to aid with horses in need far exceeds our resources to respond. It’s maddening to know animals are desperate for assistance that just isn’t there,” Stanley added.

IDA is seeking a pasture with shelter and good fencing that can safely hold the seventeen horses for a period of three to six months. The property must be easy to access and close to caregivers. For such a costly undertaking, we are in dire need of funds.

IDA is looking for big-hearted people to respond to this emergency and stresses that the plight of these horses is not one from which to profit. If custody of the horses is granted to IDA, once they have regained their health, IDA’s trainer will work with them to insure they will be adopted.

IDA has set up a fund strictly for this emergency and the ongoing care of the horses. It is expected that the costs will run into the thousands of dollars.

If you’d like to contribute to help with the rescue of these horses, please visit:

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