Fresh Water for Animals in Mumbai

May 19th, 2010 by Christy Griffin


Like the sublime Gunga Din giving water and sustenance to the wounded on the front lines, IDA, through our India program, with its own evangelical fervor, is offering fresh water to stray animals on the streets of Mumbai. Vulnerable to chemical-laden water from the gutters—water said to be pink one day, orange the next until turning black from the waste of nearby chemical factories—wandering animals under the watchful idea of IDA-India can now find cement water bowls all over the city, attached to the ground to thwart would-be thieves, brimming with safe and deliciously fresh water every day. Sarita & Sharmee’s Water Bowls Project is named for IDA-India’s Sarita Raturi, who created the life-saving plan, and Sharmee Bhatt, a volunteer who is helping to making it happen. With 120 bowls already installed in various parts of the great metropolis, citizens are signing up as overseers of the bowls to ensure that they are kept filled on a daily basis. The S & S Water Bowls Project is a huge hit, with many more of these substantial bowls to be in place in the coming weeks. The large city of Navi Mumbai recently placed 25 bowls with hundreds on the way. IDA-India is hopeful that the plan spreads far and wide, beckoning all the pilgrims of other species in need of fresh water, a necessary tonic and source of great nourishment.