Help Protect Snapping Turtles from Trapping

June 14th, 2013 by Christy Griffin


New York Residents – New York’s State Reptile Needs More Protection, Not Less!

A bill is currently on the fast-track through New York’s legislation: A2490a has been amended to protect snapping turtles from spearing and clubbing, but it continues to allow the lethal trapping of the reptiles.

Please send a message to the Governor, the Assembly Speaker, the sponsor of the bill, and your own state level Assembly member today to let them know that you oppose allowing the trapping of snapping turtles.

Trapping of any animal is brutal, inhuman and unnecessary, and can simply not be justified. Trapping of snapping turtles will only increase the number of turtles and other animals to suffer and be killed in traps.

Snapping turtles can live up to 60 years. Females have been found to travel 10 miles to get to their traditional nesting area. As a result of a vote by New York school children, the common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) was adopted as the state reptile of New York in 2006.

Sadly, they are already being persecuted as a result of existing law that permits killing them by gun and longbow. Trapping would increase poaching and the illegal transport of turtle eggs and meat to feed into the dark horrors of the illegal underground wildlife trade. It has been estimated that 150,000 live snapping turtles were exported from the United States to other markets in 1998 alone.

No animal deserves to be tortured in brutal traps!  New York residents: please urge Governor Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Silver, Assemblyman Magee, and your own state level Assembly member to protect snapping turtles and defeat Bill A2490a.